Thursday, September 06, 2012

Women's Rights- Go Back??????

* Hey, ladies!   The Republicans and their neanderthal right wing supporters have revealed their goals for women!

Raw Story:

American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer confirmed Democrats’ worst fears on Wednesday, insisting that standing for equal rights is so evil that America risks “God’s judgement” if it doesn’t join Republicans in their push for a return “to the dawn of creation” when it comes to women’s health care....

....“You know, Barack Obama is out there, or the Democrats are out there, saying we want to go back, the Republicans want to take us back to the days of black and white TV,” Fischer said on Wednesday’s radio broadcast. “And I say no. We’re going way, way, way back further than that. We are going all the way back to the dawn of creation.”

Isn't that enlightening?  The American Family Association, the Republicans, Romney, and the far right, want to take women back to the "dawn of creation."  Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Josh Mandel want to outlaw some birth control pills. They want to end college loans and grants, give corporations money to run schools, and give our tax money to failing charter schools. Does any of this sound appealing? NO. NO. NO!

If you truly want to get our country moving for everyone, and protect women's rights and education, you must vote for President Obama, and give him Democrats in the House and the Senate that will work with him on jobs bills.