Wednesday, September 05, 2012

In case you missed it.....

* First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, gave a great speech last night. It was emotional, and it was true.  Mrs. Obama's words, that she and her husband, Barack, were...."...So young, so in love, so in debt..." hit home here, and I'm sure around the country. My husband and I both had student loans, and we paid them back.  As Michelle Obama said, because of their own college debt, President Obama has made great efforts to increase Pell Grants, and keep college interest rates low. All I can say is Michelle Obama captured our hearts and our support!

>>>> Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland gave a great speech last night. Strickland has always cared about the hardworking men and women of Ohio and our public schools.  With Strickland in the Governor's office, at least we knew he was watching out for the people of Ohio------ not his business cronies.

• • • Trouble in the office of Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel?????  If Twitter is an indication....

Many Staffers in Josh Mandel offices taking to blogs,none too happy with Mandel senate run,lies, not working, friends

What else can you expect from Josh Mandel and his wild ambitions and colossal ego?  He has turned off the people who've been doing all his work, while he travels, and skips work.