Wednesday, September 26, 2012

By the Numbers

• It appears that the polls have some interesting numbers for the elections. Pundits, political party leaders, and citizens all have strong opinions for and against the candidates. People like President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, but do not care for the Romney-Ryan ticket.

NY Times:

The latest poll from Ohio shows that President Obama’s lead over Mitt Romney has grown, to 10 percentage points. Mr. Romney is going to have a lot more trouble getting to the White House without winning Ohio—in fact, no Republican president has ever won the race without it.

The poll, conducted by The Times with CBS News and Quinnipiac, shows similar gaps in Florida and Pennsylvania at a time when a solid majority of voters say they’re really paying attention to the race and have pretty much made up their minds....

WKBN has this summary of recent polls in Ohio:

...A new poll shows Obama opening a double-digit lead over Romney in two of the nation's three largest swing states.

The president received more than 50 percent support in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida in a random telephone survey of likely voters taken Sept. 18-24. The poll by Quinnipiac University, CBS News and the New York Times had a margin of error of 2.8 percentage points in Florida and 2.9 percentage points in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Obama led Romney 53 percent to 44 percent in Ohio, 54 percent to 42 percent in Pennsylvania and 53-43 in Florida, the biggest prize of the three key battleground states with 29 electoral votes.....

Adding more fuel to the fire against Romney is this info picked up by HuffPost:

In a line that event attendees found a bit puzzling, Mitt Romney warned a crowd of mostly middle-class onlookers on Wednesday not to expect too much tax relief under his administration....

Mitt Romney really doesn't care about the middle class, and as most people believe, Romney is only interested in helping the rich.

In the race for U.S. Senate, Sen. Sherrod Brown, the Democratic incumbant, has maintained his lead over Karl Rove and Jim DeMint's pet far right candidate, Republican Josh Mandel, Ohio's absent Treasurer.

 Talking Points Memo has these most recent polls on their PollTracker page:
09/18/2012 -
Quinnipiac/CBS/NYT Brown 50.0 Mandel 40.0

09/19/2012 -
WaPo Brown 53.0 Mandel 41.0

09/21/2012 -
Gravis Marketing Brown 43.9 Mandel 43.0

09/13/2012 -
Univ. of…
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Brown 52.0 Mandel 45.0

09/16/2012 -
Fox News Brown 47.0 Mandel 40.0

09/12/2012 -
Rasmussen Brown 49.0 Mandel 41.0

Remember that the voting in Ohio starts with early voting and absentee voting. Don't let the polls or anyone stop you from voting!  Vote YES on Issue 2.