Sunday, September 23, 2012


•  Sen. Sherrod Brown has received the endorsement of the Akron Beacon-Journal:

...Sherrod Brown won, soon moving to the other side of Capitol Hill, from the House to the Senate. How well has he performed? This editorial page long has shared many policy positions with Brown, and engaged in some vigorous arguments. Hard to miss about his first term as a senator has been his hard work and leadership, his attention to what matters for Ohioans, from manufacturing and jobs to health care and farming (the first Ohioan on the Senate Agriculture Committee in four decades).

At a time of widening income inequality and a struggling economy, Brown sees himself as a determined champion of the middle class. The portrayal has substance. It is evident in his strong support for the Affordable Care Act and the stimulus package, both often criticized yet each essential in elevating many lives. The enactment of health-care reform, though not entirely to his liking, represents a culmination of what Brown has sought for years as a lawmaker....

Sen. Sherrod Brown has worked to get job training for our military veterans, and has pushed to get our vets the help they need. Many military families have expressed their appreciation for the special attention they've received from Sen. Sherrod Brown, especially in navigating lots of red tape.

Ohio's farmers, college students, and seniors have all seen Sen. Sherrod Brown working to assist and protect their futures.  Sen. Sherrod Brown has worked to represent everyone in Ohio---- not just the top 1%.

Sen. Sherrod Brown lent his voice and support to help push back the anti-labor legislation, SB5, championed by John Kasich, the Koch Brothers (ALEC), the Ohio GOP, and Josh Mandel. (You can see the list of donors to the anti-labor/SB5 at his LINK.)

Stand with Sen. Sherrod Brown and vote for him in this election. Let Sherrod Brown help President Obama get some important work done that has been delayed and stopped by the Republicans.

In this election, in Ohio---
in order to have fair, and equal elections.

**** Do you need more evidence of Mitt Romney's disdain for the middle class? (from 60 Minutes):