Monday, September 10, 2012

Joe Hallett said it!

 * I've come to the conclusion that many of the righties supporting Josh Mandel simply cannot read. In a recent ad by Sherrod Brown, Brown's campaign quotes Joe Hallett of the Columbus Dispatch.  Joe Hallett said to Mandel  "...You are becoming known as the candidate of the big lie, continually making statements and airing ads that stretch the truth or are patently untrue.  PolitiFact Ohio, The Plain Dealer’s respected campaign truth-o-meter, has given you more “Pants on Fire” ratings for false claims than any other candidate by far......" (see original @  Now these Mandel supporters are accusing Sherrod Brown of being anti-Semitic. OMG!!!!!

Read the article from August written by Joe Hallett:
I realize that no one reads the Dispatch anymore.

* There is some important information for those that ride Amtrak. Greenfield, Indiana's, the Daily Reporter has this:

Warning to Amtrak from Mitt Romney and Republicans: You're on your own.

The platform Republicans adopted at their recent convention includes a call for full privatization and an end to subsidies for the nation's passenger rail operator, which gobbled up almost $1.5 billion in federal funds last year.....

When Mitt Romney took over companies, he fired people, created debt, but always managed to make huge amounts of profit for himself.  With Romney's Bain Capital record, I shudder to think of what he would do to Amtrak, the employees, and the commuters.  Romney might decide to sell off Amtrak to one of his business buddies.

Mitt Romney was in Mansfield today at PR Machine Works. Hmmmmm. I wonder how Romney would find a Republican friendly business near Mansfield, Ohio......
Here is a hint- - - -
Zoi Romanchuk, Vice President of of PR Machine Works, was a contributor to Kasich's Pro-Issue 2/SB 5 and has contributed in the past to Kasich and Husted.