Thursday, September 20, 2012

It Continues.....

* The desperation of the Romney campaign has forced them to turn to other people to speak for them. HuffPost has an article about how Marco Rubio appears in a Romney ad that basically says that the country needs to kill Medicare to save it. Republicans are idiot. Have they ever had to fight for their parents' medical coverage, apply for help to get them in a nursing home?  The Republicans, Romney, and their talking heads are CLUELESS!!!

* Why is Josh Mandel against science?

(pic from
Here is the original article from the PlainDealer with some excerpts:

Josh Mandel, Ohio’s Republican U.S. Senate candidate and an outspoken critic of White House environmental policies, said Sunday that he doubts the presence of global warming.

The state treasurer thinks scientific research on the matter “is inconclusive and riddled with fraud.”

 Josh Mandel claims to be a college graduate.

Josh Mandel supports allowing corporations to dump chemicals into our water and environment. He is against regulations that protect our families, farmers, and our environment. Shame on Josh Mandel for selling his soul to the right wingers of FreedomWorks, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Karl Rove, Jim DeMint and others who prefer the rich over the poor, corporations over our health and environment, and business owners over middle class workers.  Josh Mandel, the pro-SB5 candidate, doesn't care about the rights of workers. Why would any voter support this right wing puppet, Josh Mandel?

* Why would the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spend $1,110,000 to boost up anti-labor Republican Josh Mandel? (FEC 9/18/12) According to the FEC, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has spent $2,014,000 "...calendar YTD per election for office sought..."

* Bizjournals notes this about the race in Ohio:

Republicans spending millions to unseat Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat, during the crucial November elections in which the GOP is trying to turn Ohio back into a Red State again.

Brown told Bloomberg Businessweek that there has been more money spent against him than any other Senate candidate in this election cycle. More than $18 million has been pumped into the race to help support Brown's Republican challenger Josh Mandel.

Much of the money is coming from Super PACs, which have helped pay for nearly 40,000 ads so far in the campaign, with only a little more than 5,600 of those being pro-Brown ads......

Josh Mandel will not be at work today in the Ohio Treasurer's office because he has 3 fundraisers in DC today-breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon reception.

Shame on Josh Mandel for taking money from groups that continue to be anti-worker, anti-Medicare, anti-Social Security, anti-federal lunch programs, anti-women, anti-public schools, anti-Pell grants, etc., etc., etc. It appears that Josh Mandel has agreed to be a puppet of the far right. Shame. 

***** Ohio Voters: 

This election VOTE  YES  ON  ISSUE  2.