Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Poll

• With just fifty days to go in the general election, the Quinnipiac University/New York Times/CBS News Poll Swing State Poll has been released:

If the election for president were being held today, for whom would you vote? If you're undecided, do you lean more toward Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?
Sept. 11–17   Wisconsin   51% Obama     45% Romney
Sept. 11–17  Colorado     48%   Obama    47% Romney
Virginia                          50%  Obama     46% Romney
Aug. 15–21  Florida       49%   Obama     46% Romney
                      Ohio         50% Obama       44% Romney
July 24–30  Pennsylvania   53% Obama 42% Romney 
This is just a small glimpse of the poll. For more details, check the link to the poll at the NYTimes. Of course, these numbers could all change at any moment.

• Looks like Gov. John Kasich is selling ads at Ohio's rest stops and privatizing the state's car/truck part supply. Kasich plans some big changes through ODOT (Ohio Department of Transpartation).  

...ODOT also wants to sell naming rights and sponsorships for bridges, interchanges and unique stretches of road.... 
...The department is also privatizing the purchase and management of car and truck parts for the agency's fleet. 

It recently signed a six-year contract paying $4.7 million a year to Management Consulting Inc., known as Mancon, based in Virginia Beach, Va..... 

There were no car/truck supply consultants in Ohio????? Really? Will all companies be allowed to sponsor rest stops?  Will the Kasich administration open advertising to every group or company that comes along.... the KKK? Hustler?  Gentlemen's Clubs?  Do we really need additional clutter along the highways?

>>> Have you seen the new Romney ad featuring the baby?  I'm wondering when the Romney campaign will start using puppies in their ads. The "baby" ad does nothing to convince people to vote for Romney, and it doesn't dismiss the fact that Romney doesn't understand the concerns of women and the middles class.