Monday, August 24, 2015

More on Kasich.....

There is an interesting article about John Kasich's term at Lehman Brothers.


Republican presidential rivals Jeb Bush and John Kasich bring to their campaigns their experience as governors of major battleground states, but they also share a resume line from their time in the private sector. The Florida and Ohio pols both worked at the ill-fated Wall Street investment bank Lehman Brothers just as the firm was racking up vast losses for their states' respective pension systems.

While Kasich has denounced Wall Street greed and Bush has criticized lawmakers who become lobbyists, during their time at Lehman they leveraged their public sector experience -- Bush as a former governor and Kasich as a former nine-term congressman -- to help the bank build relationships and navigate public policy matters....

....Kasich was hired to help run Lehman’s investment banking operation in January 2001 despite, by his own admission, having “close to zero” knowledge of the business. He was, however, a longtime ally of the financial industry during his 18 years in Congress. He voted for legislation to eliminate regulations on banks like Lehman. The month before he got the job at Lehman, Kasich sponsored a bill to allow Social Security money to be invested in financial firms -- including inevitably Lehman -- that stood to make hundreds of billions in profits had it passed.....

You might want to read the entire article here. How did Kasich do at Lehman?  John Kasich admits he had a 'fantastic time' at Lehman. (People that lost their funds did not have a fantastic time.)

•••• What is new in Ohio? Not much! It is the same old Republican attacks on women's health.

American Prospect:

If you're looking for true Republican policy innovations, don't bother with tax policy or national security; the place where the GOP is really exercising its creativity is in coming up with new ways to restrict abortion rights. In the latest inspired move, Republican state legislators in Ohio have introduced a bill to make it illegal for a woman to terminate her pregnancy because she has discovered that the baby would have Down syndrome. The bill is expected to pass, and though he hasn't yet taken a position on it, it would be a shock if Governor John Kasich—who is both an opponent of abortion rights and currently in search of votes in the Republican presidential primary—didn't sign it.
After it passes in Ohio (and even if by some strange turn of events it doesn't), look for identical bills to come up in state after Republican-controlled state. Anyone who objects will of course be accused of wanting to kill children with disabilities....

....Perhaps to expedite things, every women's health clinic could come equipped with a special hotline to the state legislature, where any woman who wants to end her pregnancy would have to justify it to a Republican state representative, who would have the final say. Maybe that will be the next bright policy idea from the party that says it's committed to getting government off your back.

Republicans are for less regulations----unless you have a uterus.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


The governor of the state of Ohio, John Kasich, just plain hates teachers. The teaching profession is made up mostly of women. I've often felt that his dislike of teachers has to do with the fact that he doesn't like smart, outspoken women. Now he has gone too far.

Obviously, Kasich has never been in a teachers lounge (AKA lunchroom or closet).  It is the place where the discarded chairs and tables are placed. There is nothing fancy. He must have teachers' lunchrooms confused with what was spent on his JobsOhio's coffee bar:

Shame on Kasich. He has never and will never get my vote.

Monday, August 17, 2015

In my opinion...

•  Local Columbus television station, WBNS 10TV, seems to be going out of the way to support Ohio Gov. John Kasich's presidential campaign. Nearly every broadcast has some story about his campaign. I've always been a viewer of the station's news but I'm starting to watch other newscasts. I'm not a fan of Kasich's and refuse to listen to 10TV's propaganda.

If you are also sick of the pro-Kasich broadcasts, contact 10TV here.


•  Some right wingers might be wetting their pants with this news from Forbes:

For the first time in more than 50 years of surveys, the CDC on Wednesday reported that more than 90% of Americans — 90.8% of us, to be specific — have health insurance.....

....Being insured even appears to cut down on your risk of death.....

Thank you, President Obama, for protecting the lives of Americans!

•  Ohio's charter schools needs a massive examination by federal authorities.  Do you think there is something fishy about how Republican lawmakers have refused to investigate and reform the charter school business in Ohio?


....We already knew that while its citizens waited, the Ohio legislature left town as one festering charter school scandal after another went unaddressed.  In particular, a long-awaited piece of “reform” legislation, HB 2, proposed to address “governance, sponsorship, and management of community schools,” languishes in the wind tunnel located at Broad and High.... 

....The proposed reform legislation would, according to the Enquirer, “prevent failing charter schools from swapping sponsors to avoid closure, require that attendance and financial records be available for inspection, force online schools to track how many hours a student is learning and eliminate conflicts of interest between those who run the schools and the groups policing them.”

The Enquirer article also points out that perhaps $91,726 in timely donations in June and July by charter school leader William Lager might have distracted Republican lawmakers from doing the right thing. After all, isn’t the devil – or is it the dollar – in the details when the subject is Ohio charter schools?....

How does the owner of ECOT charter school live? Plunderbund did another investigation in 2014 which demonstrates how some are profiting off the schools. You can read the Plunderbund post here.

It is time for citizens to demand an outside inquiry into the Ohio charter school money machine!

Wednesday, August 05, 2015


If you missed Rachel Maddow's program last night, here is a sample:


MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on Tuesday night tore into Fox News for the polls they used to decide which ten Republican presidential candidates will compete in the first debate on Thursday night.....

...Yet Maddow pointed out that Fox did not use the fifth most recent national poll -- an NBC/WSJ poll conducted through July 30. The channel instead used a Quinnipiac University poll conducted through July 28.

Though using either the NBC/WSJ poll or the Quinnipiac poll would have scored Kasich a place at the top-tier debate, the Quinnipiac poll, which had Kasich leading Perry by 3 points, gave the Ohio governor a more definitive lead.....

Yes. Fox News appears to have chosen polls that would boost their buddy, former Fox News star, John Kasich! Kasich's friendship with the head of the network proved more important than statistics.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Kasich Exposed!

Newsweek has a very interesting article about John Kasich that might open the eyes of people that don't know him. Those of us that are residents of Ohio are familiar with his pompous attitude.  We know that he has little regard for teachers, police officers, firefighters, school children, and the poor. Sure, he talks about helping the poor, but his actions reveal more.

> Kasich cut poor people off of food programs --- Think Progress has the story.

> Most of the teachers in our state are females. Kasich said wanted 'to break the back of teachers unions.' (See Plunderbund.) Does that mean he wants teachers to lose their rights to have a safe work place?

> After he received a ticket, Kasich called the ticket-issuing police officer 'an idiot' in front of state workers.

> Kasich stated that first responders that strike for job safety should be fired. (SpringfieldNewsSun)

> Schools have had to cut programs because Kasich has slashed funding to traditional public schools. Instead, he has increased money to charter schools, which perform poorly, but whose owners are big $$$$$ GOP supporters.

> Kasich and his Republican sheep in the Ohio General Assembly have restricted women's rights to gynecological services.

We know Kasich and his 'job miracle' is a figment of his imagination.