Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trying to Stop OSU Students from Voting???

* Why did Tea Party Republicans try to stop Ohio State students from voting? Shouldn't these people be encouraging people to vote? Plunderbund has the details and a picture of the woman that was trying to intimidate OSU student voters.

****  Mitt Romney has been running for President for over 6 years, and we still don't like him!

***Why are Mitt Romney, Josh Mandel, Paul Ryan, and the Republicans in favor of cutting funding, grants, loans for college students?  Every parent of current or soon to be college students should be aware that your youngster's future will depend on which person is elected President and which party controls the House and the Senate.

>>> Sen. Sherrod Brown has helped pass a bus safety bill.

.....Sen. Sherrod Brown’s re-election campaign instead released an ad highlighting Brown’s work passing a bus safety bill earlier this year. The bill was inspired by the 2007 motor coach crash in Atlanta, Ga., that killed five members of the Bluffton University baseball team as well as the motor coach driver and his wife. In the commercial, airing statewide, John Betts, who lost his son David, talks about Brown’s work on the bill.
Brown, D-Ohio, earlier this year saw passage of his motor coach safety law – which he pushed with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas – after many years of introducing and reintroducing the measure, which calls for safety belts in motor coaches, improved driver training, reinforced windows to keep passengers from being ejected from the motor coach and crush-resistant roofs that can withstand rollovers.
“Sherrod Brown brought both Republicans and Democrats together to get a bill passed that had not been passed in 50 years,” Betts said, adding that Brown helped Betts fulfill a promise he made to his son at his graveside that something good would come from his death....
While Republican Josh Mandel fights regulations, it is comforting to know that Sen. Sherrod Brown has worked to protect and help all Ohioans.