Thursday, September 27, 2012

More Numbers.....

* Nate Silver at the NY Times has this predictions and analysis of President Obama's chances of winning:

           Electoral Vote:
Barack Obama...........Mitt Romney
 315.9       ---------------    222.1
    270 needed

     Chance of Winning

* If you've watched the political rallies for President Obama and Mitt Romney, you might notice the same things I have.  The Obama rally attendees look more engaged, happy, and excited.  Those attending Romney or Ryan events look bored, sad, and wondering why they are wasting their time listening to Romney or Ryan's drivel.

• There were very, very enthusiastic crowds for President Obama's rallies at Bowling Green State University and Kent State. Young people interviewed said they were more fired up now.  Yeah Obama!

Get out there and Vote!!!!!  
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>>>>  Josh Mandel, Republican candidate for Senate, is currently serving as Ohio's Treasurer. The Board of Deposit meets once per month to review the state's funds, the $65 billion in retirement funds, and discuss monetary issues.

Out of 20 Board of Deposit meetings, Ohio's absent Treasurer, Josh Mandel, attended 6 out of 20 meetings Jan. 2011-Aug. 2012. That would give him an attendance record of 30% and would get him fired at most jobs.

****From the AARP Voter's Guide website:

...Social Security 

How would you protect Social Security for today’s seniors and strengthen it for future generations?

Josh Mandel: The inability of Washington politicians to control spending has threatened important programs like Medicare and Social Security. (Source: Mandel for U.S. Senate;


How would you put Medicare on stronger financial ground and protect today’s seniors and future retirees from the burden of rising health costs?

Josh Mandel: Those who refuse to reform Medicare are condemning the program to the ash heap of history. In order to save Medicare, we must change it. Saving Medicare will be a top priority of mine, as this important program represents a promise made by the government to the American people. We can reform it in a way that does not impact current recipients or those approaching Medicare-eligible age. (Source: League of Women Voters Questionnaire;

You got it----- Josh Mandel, candidate for Senate from Ohio, wants to kill Social Security and Medicare to save it.