Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mandel's Lack of Candor

* If you want to see Ohio's absent Treasurer Josh Mandel in an interview, you've got to watch this WKYC video:

Josh Mandel says he has integrity. Here is the proof----
- Josh Mandel has 6 "Pants on Fire" statements at Politifact.
- Josh Mandel has 3 "False" statements at Politifact.
- Josh Mandel has 2 "Mostly False" statements at Politifact.

After watching the interview from WKYC, Ohioans will see that Josh Mandel is unable and unwilling to answer any question truthfully.

>>>>> Mitt Romney and his neo-con advisers want to go to war against Iran and Syria, according to Michael Tomasky of the Daily Beast now appearing on Politics Nation on MSNBC. Tomasky noted that 17 out of Romney's 24 advisers are leftovers from the last Bush administration. Looks like Romney wants to send your sons and daughters to war- not his, of course.