Sunday, September 09, 2012


The Romney-Ryan plan for Medicare, would cause seniors to pay an incredible increase in fees.


Fueled by a new study suggesting the Republicans’ Medicare plans would increase costs for consumers and profits for insurance companies, President Barack Obama turned up the heat on the Medicare debate Sunday.

Obama worked in findings from a new report authored by Harvard University economist David Cutler, that shows that under the Medicare plans of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and vice presidential nominee U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan the average American retiring in 2030 could expect to pay an extra $125,000 into Medicare over their lifetimes, and insurance companies profits could increase by $26 billion.

Romney and Ryan, he said, “Want to give the money back to the insurance companies so your costs would rise by the thousands so their profits could rise by the billions..."

Can you imagine having to try to explain vouchers to your elderly parent? With the Romney-Ryan plan to make Medicare into vouchers and take away Medicaid from the elderly, you wonder how they think seniors will survive.  Not everyone has millions of dollars in some IRA in a foreign country, like Romney does.

Those of us who've had parents live on their Social Security and Medicare cannot imagine how they would have survived under the Romney-Ryan plan. The Romney-Ryan plan would make cuts to Medicaid, which is used by the elderly to help cover nursing home costs. 

It appears that the Ann and Mitt Romney have been lucky in life.  As Ann Romney said, and reported by Raw Story, "We've have not had a financial struggle in our lives."  It is a mistake for those who have had wealth to try to take away what little our seniors have in order to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy.  It is unacceptable.