Monday, September 17, 2012

Josh Mandel: Still Lying!!!!

* Republican perpetual Josh Mandel, Ohio's absent Treasurer, continues to pile up the lies. Politifact caught him again. Politifact's file on Josh Mandel looks like this:


* Rumor has it that Josh Mandel has been in his office just 27 hours in the last four weeks. Which of his frat buddies is doing his work in the Treasurer's office?

* This weekend, FreedomWorks PAC brought in Glenn Beck to support Josh Mandel. That isn't all FreedomWorks brought in---they had FreedomWorks supporters from other states come into Ohio to fill in the crowd to make it look larger and help with organizing. Is Josh Mandel so incompetent that he is unable to organized his own campaign?

     • In case you missed it, Josh Mandel uses the same words to each crowd. Mandel went to the Canfield Fair (9/3/12), WKBN (Youngstown) caught these remarks from Mandel:

"I think manufacturing is one of the key components of Ohio's economic recovery, and the great tradition we have of making things, and manufacturing goods here in the Youngstown area is something that I think will contribute to Ohio's economic recovery," Mandel said.

      •  In Cincinnati in front of the FreedomWorks rally, Josh Mandel said (FOX19):

...We have a great tradition of manufacturing and making things here in southwest Ohio and I believe Cincinnati can help lead the economic recovery for the entire state...

   • WNEWSJ was in Wilmington, Ohio, when Mandel said this:

"I think an area like this can benefit (from exploration of energy supplies) because of the rich tradition of manufacturing here," said Mandel...

Josh Mandel has done a fine job of memorizing his talking points given to him by FreedomWorks and other anti-worker, anti-middle class PACs.

If Mandel supports Ohio manufacturing why has he been against American auto workers making American cars in Ohio????  Why has Josh Mandel refused to offer support for American auto workers and the Obama auto rescue plan?

>>>>>  This morning, on his MSNBC program,  Joe Scarborough said the following about Mitt Romney: "...He is a terrible candidate..."  We already knew this, Joe.

**** If you really want to know what is going on, be sure to search on Twitter. Right now people are talking about the latest Josh Mandel ad and how it is flawed. 

As a woman, I want to know why Josh Mandel is against pay equity for women!

As a woman, I want to know why Josh Mandel thinks that he and the Republican Party should be in the examining room with me and my gynecologist.

As a woman, I want to know why Josh Mandel is against public schools where a vast majority of Ohio's children are educated.