Friday, September 21, 2012

Where is Republican Josh Mandel today?

* Keep those calls going into the Ohio Treasurer's office.  Since Republican Josh Mandel has been spending so little time at work, Ohio citizens have been routinely calling his office to see if he is in Columbus. You too can join us in finding out where our state treasurer is today---(800) 228-1102 or  Columbus: (614) 466-2160 or (614) 752-8479.  Voters have to keep in mind that this is just one fundraising day for Josh Mandel. Mandel has been raising money from right wingers outside of Ohio that want to take our country back to the failed trickle down policies of the Bush administration.

Even HuffPost has noticed the travels of Ohio's absent Treasurer:

Josh Mandel, the Republican Senate nominee in Ohio, is being criticized by state Democrats for skipping town to attend Washington, D.C. fundraisers while running an ad attacking his opponent's work ethic. 

Mandel, the state treasurer, is slated to attend three fundraisers in Washington Thursday, including a $2,000-per-head lunch with Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.). His campaign is currently airing a commercial criticizing Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) for missing 350 votes in the Senate, saying that Ohio needs "a senator who shows up to work" during an economic crisis. Mandel, meanwhile, has regularly left the state during the workday to fundraise for his Senate campaign, including in Washington, New York and the Bahamas.

"Josh Mandel has ignored his job and hired unqualified political cronies and friends to mind the store," Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker said in a statement, citing reports over Mandel's hiring practices. "The fact that he's fundraising in D.C. on a workday while running a ridiculously false ad that accuses his opponent of not showing up for work is another reason that he's nothing more than a politician who can't be trusted."

Remember OHIO voters: This election we must give the power to redistrict to the people, and away from the political parties.