Saturday, October 08, 2016

Hillary Clinton at Ohio State

*  According to the Columbus Dispatch, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will appear at the Ohio State University on Monday, October 10th, 2016. For information as to where and when, please click here.

*  With the recent discovery of Donald Trump's vile comments about women, many people, especially those of the religious right, are re-thinking their support for the Republican candidate. Although some average citizens have voiced outrage, some Republican candidates continue to support him.  The Republican presidential candidate has spewed racist, bigoted, sexist comments, but Republicans call themselves 'family values' champions. Disgusting.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Damage Done to Ohio

If you live in Ohio, you already know what Gov. John Kasich has done to the state:

- funds cut to public schools
- additional money given to failing charter schools that continue to have failing grades, and low graduation rates.
- counties, cities, and small towns losing vital state funding
- cuts to health facilities pushing physically and mentally fragile individuals away from
   families and into large holding providers.
- new jobs are only low paying in companies that offer few benefits or only seasonal positions. Example: Walmart is Ohio's largest employer.
- with Kasich out of the state for months, job losses have increased rapidly: 
- teachers in Ohio have been disrespected by his administration with demands that teachers do more    with less assistance from the state.
- infrastructure in the state has gone into horrible disrepair with massive holes and crumbling bridges are in every county.
- attacks on the rights of voters have increased with 2 million voters removed from registration rolls.
- women have had their reproductive rights and health access denied because of the right-leaning, anti-female, anti-equality Republicans in the General Assembly that jump at the chance to support every goofy idea put forth by the governor.
- massive amounts of money have been given to JobsOhio with little oversight on how the money is being spent to bring jobs to the state.
- with less money going to communities, police and fire staffs have been cut dramatically with some areas facing massive risks.

There are plenty more areas that have been hurt by the Kasich administration and the enabling Republicans. I will continue to bring them to your attention.

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Monday, January 04, 2016


Channel 10 in Columbus, Ohio, wants to hear from viewers about matters that are important in this year's general election. They've asked people to tweet concerns using the hashtag #HeartlandProject. Please let the Republican, far right, owners of WBNS hear what you want brought up in this election year.  Need suggestions?  Examples: equal pay for women, women's reproductive rights, failing charter schools, voting rights, fair pay, raising the minimum wage, funding public schools, justice, truth, the Walmarting of Ohio, etc., etc.

Go to it!!!!