Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Farmers and Seniors: Support Sherrod Brown

>>>>  Ohio's absent Treasurer, Josh Mandel is bringing in some real far out right wing extremists to help his campaign.  According to a pr release from FreedomWorks, Mandel is getting help from FreedomWorks PAC, which is anti-Social Security, anti-Medicare, anti-Affordable Care Act. The far right organization is bringing the following wingnuts to Cincinnati--  Glenn Beck, Rev. C.L. Bryant, and Republican Rep. David Schweikert will appear with Josh Mandel.

You've heard the old expression, "You're known by the company you keep."  If that is true, Josh Mandel's association with David Schweikert provides some insight as to where Mandel stands on Medicare.  FreedomWorks is trying to get rid of Medicare, Social Security, and the Affordable Care Act. They would only put in the time, effort, and money to bring this support to Mandel because Mandel has promised them his allegiance.

Here is some info on Republican David Schweikert from Blog for Arizona:

Count Rep. David Schweikert as a true believer when it comes to Paul Ryan's proposal to end Medicare as we know it.

It's a pretty astounding performance. ABC News spent 6 minutes asking Rep. David Schweikert if he planned to support Ryan's Medicare plan, even in the face of the trouncing a New York Republican took in a "safe" district last night.

Schweikert's answer: Absolutely....

Josh Mandel's support of the Paul Ryan plan to end Medicare would be devastating to every senior citizen in Ohio and the nation. Senior citizens need to step up and support Sen. Sherrod Brown because he will protect Social Security and Medicare.

••••••  Today on Ed Schultz's radio program, John Nichols of The Nation said that farmers should be very supportive of Sen. Sherrod Brown.  Nichols said that Sherrod Brown has been very supportive of the family farm and farming in general. He helped with the passage of the recent farm legislation.

Josh Mandel, on the other hand, is totally oblivious to the needs of farmers and rural communities. Farmers, and farm families need to step up and support Sen. Sherrod Brown because he has continued to honor and support your commitment to farming.

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>>> The Vice President will be in Dayton, Ohio, on Wednesday! I love Joe Biden because he tells it like its is!


Vice President Joe Biden will speak at a grassroots campaign event at Wright State University on Wednesday.

The event is free and open to the public, but tickets are required....

Check the link for tickets.

* Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted must be very busy these days going back and forth to court!


Recently fired Montgomery County Board of Elections members Dennis Lieberman and Tom Ritchie Sr. sued Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted in federal court Monday, claiming their firing was unjust and asking for a temporary restraining order that would put them back in office immediately.

Lieberman and Ritchie, both Democrats, were fired last month after they pushed to continue weekend early voting in Montgomery County, just days after Husted, a Republican, had issued a directive setting weekday-only hours....

....The lawsuit also claims Husted violated their right to freedom of speech, and violated the equal protection clause of the Constitution. Lieberman and Ritchie claimed that their firing by Husted was “arbitrary, unsupported by any statutory basis, and based on political and personal motivations.”...

Republicans cannot win this election on their ideas so they must resort to doing everything possible to block the vote.