Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kasich's Laundry and Zoo

>>> Why was a person kicked out of a public meeting that involved Josh Mandel? See the Plain Dealer for details.

* After cutting millions of dollars from schools and nursing homes, Gov. John Kasich wants to spend $3.5 million for a state animal facility for wild, exotic animals, in Reynoldsburg, near a school, a neighborhood of families, and best of all, close to Interstate 70.  Last fall, the owner of an exotic animal farm released his animals, then committed suicide. The new exotic animal ban, which some say is weak and watered down, was pushed by Kasich.


...Questions have been raised about the cost and safety of the Kasich administration’s plan for a $3.5 million exotic-animals facility to be built on Ohio Department of Agriculture property at 8995 E. Main St., Reynoldsburg. The site is next to farm fields, the Ohio Fire Academy, a housing subdivision and near Reynoldsburg City Schools.

Some members of the legislature are grousing about the facility and might consider holding hearings later this year.....

.....Reynoldsburg schools spokeswoman Tricia Moore said she has received no calls from parents concerning exotic animals moving to the neighborhood. The site is about a mile from the district’s second high-school campus and an elementary school.....

Do a Google map search of 8995 E. Main Street, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, to see the actual location of the proposed facility. I'm concerned that no one in Reynoldsburg has called Tricia Moore (614) 501-1020  or contacted her by email:  Why didn't John Kasich consider locating this wild animal facility in his backyard in Westerville?

I wonder which FOK (friend of Kasich's) will get the job to build this monstrosity.

> People this morning are talking about Kasich's recent speech at a Romney event. Kasich said that his wife wasn't there because she was at home "...doing the laundry..." (see Raw Story).

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* It appears that the voters in Michigan don't care that Mitt Romney was born in Detroit (see Romney's boyhood home before it was leveled). In a poll posted at the Detroit Free Press, President Barack Obama has a huge lead over Republican Mitt Romney:

...EPIC-MRA surveyed 600 likely November voters for the poll, which has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Obama leads among independent voters -- a crucial segment -- 36%-27%, with 37% undecided. That might be Romney's best hope to close the gap. Past EPIC-MRA polls showed Romney leading among independents.

Obama also led among both men (42%-40%) and women (52%-36%), and there was sharp break in voter motivation: While 76% of the president's supporters said they were voting for him as opposed to 21% who said they were voting against Romney, only 54% of Romney's supporters were voting specifically for him, while 43% said they were voting against Obama....