Thursday, December 30, 2010

Here we go again..........


Ohio Gov.-elect John Kasich has named an Indiana environmental official and a business executive to head agencies overseeing the environment and natural resources.

Kasich on Thursday picked Scott Nally to lead the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. Nally is currently an assistant commissioner with Indiana's environmental management department.

David Mustine will head the state Department of Natural Resources. Mustine has spent the last two years as director of an oil and gas service business based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He previously was a senior vice president at Columbus-based American Electric Power.....

OMG!  John Kasich, governor-elect of Ohio, makes me feel like I'm living in Mississippi in the 1950's!!!!  I haven't seen so many white men appointed to public office in a very long, long time.  It is sad that arrogant, wine-sipping, millionaire, Kasich, doesn't seem to know anyone who isn't just like him - a white male.

This is absolutely sad.  Kasich said he was looking for the best people for his administration.  He must be looking only in the good old white boy network.  How many other Ohioans will lose jobs to people from out of the state? 

Plunderbund has even more background on David Mustine:

....Kasich also nominated to run the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, David Mustine, formerly a VP at American Electric Power.  Specifically, Mustine was the Senior Vice President-European Development for AEP.  During his time at AEP, Mustine also served as a lobbyist to the State for AEP.....

Oh, my.  White males. Lobbyists. Outsiders.  Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another white male....

*  This is getting really, really old.  Governor-elect John Kasich, Ohio Republican, has found yet another white male to serve in his administration. I'm starting to wonder if Kasich has any idea that Ohio is made up of more women than men. It might be that he just doesn't care.  I guess we'll see solutions and responses that cater to white males.


Randy Meyer, the chief investigator for state Auditor Mary Taylor and a former police officer, was appointed Ohio inspector general today by Gov.-elect John Kasich....

...Meyer has worked in the auditor's office since 2003. Taylor named him chief of investigations in her office in 2007. Prior to that, he worked as head of investigations into public corruption for then-Auditor Betty D. Montgomery, uncovering millions of dollars in fraudulent activities.

He also spent four years working as a gang investigator for Montgomery when she was attorney general from 1999 to 2003.....

What was going on with the Republican Party during that time frame????
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Need a refresher? Check out BlueBuckeye Blog.

Basketofpuppies has the complete list of Republican corruption scandals, as well as a description of offenses (partial list):  Tom Noe, Bob Ney, Bob Taft, Bernadette Noe, Brian Hicks, Cherie Carroll. ............


* You have to wonder why anyone thinks they should disassemble, eliminate, wipe out, a state agency/department without first studying the duties of the agency/department.  For example, why does Kasich always think that he needs to destroy things in order to fix them? (see Cleveland editorial cartoon----HERE.) 

In 1995, Kasich  proposed major cuts that would have been horrible.  The Free Lance-Star (May 9, 1995) lists some of the cockamamie cuts that Kasich proposed - - -

...Kasich also was ready to seek elimination of the departments Energy, Education, and Commerce,  as well as federal aid to the arts, humanities, and public broadcasting....

Is the Kasich of 1995 like the Kasich of 2010?  No. The Kasich of today is richer, more arrogant, and further removed from the lives of regular Ohioans.  Those years at Fox and Lehman Brothers contributed to his new persona.

Kasich has laid the groundwork for his relationships with teachers, firefighters, police officers, and all public servants. He has not been a friend of public education or veterans issues, as his votes as a member of Congress demonstrates.

* John Boehner's crying as shown on 60 Minutes, has become a topic of discussion by many.  What causes his crying?  Is he emotionally stable?  In the meantime, if you need a shirt to signify your concern, check out the CafePress and House of Ching:

John Boehner T-Shirt

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


* Trouble has arrived in Grove City, Ohio?

Grove City's finance department is at the center of a police probe, and its assistant director has been placed on paid leave, after authorities learned that the city failed to pay more than a half-million dollars in withheld federal taxes.
The investigation began after city officials received a Dec. 9 letter from the IRS demanding five payments that were missed since 2007. The original balance has nearly doubled with penalties and interest, adding up to $685,000....

....The payments demanded by the IRS date to 2007, but Wasylik said he has seen letters from the federal government as far back as 2001 threatening the city with penalties for failing to file withheld taxes. That means the city could owe more than $685,000, but Wasylik did not know whether the IRS would collect on missed filings from before 2007....

It sounds like this will take awhile to fix. 

*  Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey quickly left his state just before the blizzard hit.  Christie and his family are vacationing at Disney World.  By the way, the NJ Lt. Gov. is also out of their state on a vacation.  Don't these people know that weather hits when you are least prepared?  Don't this Republicans understand that they have to "schedule" their vacations so that they don't overlap?

>   Best tweet I've seen on the Chris Christie vacation  ---- 

are we sure Chris Christie is in Disneyworld? any pics? he might be hiking the Appalachian Trail with Mark Sanders

Tuesday's Notes

* BizJournals:

Ohio Department of Development Director Lisa Patt-McDaniel on Tuesday announced she’s leaving the agency Jan. 9, the day before Republican Gov.-elect John Kasich arrives primed to make massive changes to the department.

Patt-McDaniel, 45, will resign after spending less than two years in the post as its interim and permanent leader. She has been with the Development Department for 21 years, working in a range of divisions....

....The Development Department says it has helped create more than 80,000 jobs and retain more than 300,000 since 2007, when Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland took office. On Patt-McDaniel’s watch, the Strickland administration also developed so-called innovation hubs around the state and promoted growth through Ohio’s Third Frontier technology initiative....

Governor-elect John Kasich plans for the Department of Development include privatizing it.  During the campaign, Kasich even mentioned he'd give bonuses to individuals who brought jobs to the state.  He may run into trouble. 

Dispatch (August 18, 2010):

...Dan Kobil, a law professor and expert in constitutional law at Capital University, said Kasich's plan could run afoul of a section of the Ohio Constitution that says: "The credit of the state shall not, in any manner, be given or loaned to, or in aid of, any individual association or corporation whatever."

....Kobil said the constitutionality would depend on how Kasich structured the private, nonprofit corporation: "If he's going to have a private corporation of CEOs with 200 employees running the department of development, I think he'll have some problems."

I don't know if I'd want my tax money being given as a bonus to someone that has been hand-picked by John Kasich.  With transparency laws, Kasich would have to release the name of the recipient and the amount of the bonus that was given.  I'm sure he'd be happy about that.

>>>>  The Columbus Zoo has a new addition - - - a baby bonobo!!!!!


Can't wait to visit the zoo!

***  Do you live in central Ohio?  Are you looking for a job?
Check these websites for some possible job openings:

First Community Village
Columbus City Schools:  Classified Civil Service Positions
Ohio Health: Employment (296 postings)
Farmers Insurance
Jobs at Ohio State
Nationwide Insurance

* The last time I watched a program on TLC, I saw part of a commercial with a preview of the Sarah Palin program.  I can say I saw part of that commercial because I rapidly changed the channel.  I haven't visited TLC since.

Monday, December 27, 2010


*  This just in.....


Ohio will receive about $12.3 million in bonus Medicaid funding to boost the number of children who receive public health insurance, the Obama administration said Monday.
The administration announced Ohio is one of 15 states selected to receive part of $206 million in bonus payments to offset costs incurred by states that make it easier for children to be enrolled in public health insurance.....

.....Bonus payments were established when The Children’s Health Insurance Program was reauthorized in 2009. The program targets uninsured children and pregnant women in families with incomes too high to qualify for most state Medicaid programs, but too low to afford private coverage, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services....

This will certainly help provide the needed health care for those most vulnerable.  However, I'm wondering if Governor-elect John Kasich will try to divert this funding just as he tried to get the rail money for some of his upcoming pet projects.  Obviously, federal money cannot be used for anything but the designated purpose, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't try.

What do you think?

* Back in 1998, then Congressman John Kasich proposed eliminating the Department of Energy.  Today, according to Trading Markets, Governor-elect of Ohio, Kasich is hoping that the U.S. Department of Energy delivers a $2 billion loan to USEC Inc. and their American Centrifuge Plant, in Piketon, Ohio.  Amazing, isn't it? Kasich is depending on part of the federal government he did not want to deliver something he needs.

*  Oh, my.  The previously nicknamed, Plainly Republican (aka the Plain Dealer), has actually voiced some opposition to one of Kasich's decisions.  Kasich's choice of Thomas P. Charles to head the Ohio Department of Public Safety has made the Plain Dealer question somewhat uneasy:

...Public Safety and the patrol need stable leadership. Charles' lengthy career and credibility with many legislators and reporters are intended to ensure that. A Kasich spokesman said neither member of Charles' family will be promoted while Charles is Public Safety director -- and that Charles will recuse himself in any disciplinary matter involving them.

But, like Caesar's wife, Charles must be above suspicion. And unfortunately, no matter how warranted his investigation of Public Safety might have been, the politically charged probe suggests the baggage he's carrying into the job already has a partisan tinge. 

****  Speaking of investigations.....
Why would a Republican leave his cushy $80,000+/year job in the Ohio Department of Transportation on the brink of a new Republican governor taking over state government?  Was there something that this member of a prominent Republican family had done?  Was he forced to resign?  Did it have something to do with his other job on the Board of Education of a Columbus suburban school district?  So far, he isn't talking but inquiring minds want to know.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I'm taking a few days off to spend time with family, eat, and rest.

Merry Christmas!

Republican Hypocrites

I noticed that Plunderbund had some comments about the Ohio members of Congress who voted against the 9/11 First Responders Health Bill. I thought I'd do some digging to see what these "NO!" voters may have said in the past about those who risked their lives to respond to the tragedy of September 11th. 

As noted by Plunderbund and the Clerk of the House, Rep. Bob Latta voted against the bill.  From Latta's congressional website, we have this statement released by Latta on September 11, 2008:

“Today is a day of prayer as we remember those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.  As we mourn the tragic loss of life seven years ago today, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families still grieving.  We also recall the heroic acts of patriotism on that day and those who died in service to their fellow man.  The memory of those individuals will always hold a special place in the hearts of all Americans.”  

Apparently, their memory and sacrifice doesn't hold such a special place for Bob Latta (OH-5th).

Wait!  Rep. Bob Latta isn't the only hypocrite.  Republican Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-4th) has also offered empty support for 9/11 first responders (see 9/11/08 statement by Jordan).

There is more!  Republican Rep. Steven LaTourette also voted against the James Zagroda 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. LaTourette sponsored a resolution on October 2, 2002 in the 107th Congress (see Congressional Record H. Con. Res. 495: Supporting the goals and ideals of National Safety Forces Appreciation Week) to honor "....the selfless dedication of police and other law enforcement officers, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel..."

We can conclude that LaTourette is great at creating resolutions, giving speeches, and saying that the honors the work, dedication, and sacrifice of our first responders. Latourette is unwilling to vote to help these first responders.

And finally......
Rep. Jean Schmidt (OH-2nd)  recounted the events of September 11th in a speech in Sardinia, Ohio (NewsDemocrat):

...Americans responded courageously to the attacks and the rescue and recovery efforts that followed. She made a point to compliment police, firefighters and EMS workers, as well as the men and women who make up the voluntary military charged with protecting the US and ensuring it continued security.

"They are our heroes," Schmidt said....

Once again we have an example of a Republican hypocrite who supports first responders only in speeches, not in voting for legislation that actually helps them.  If she really believed they were heroes should would have honored them with action instead of just empty rhetoric.

>>>>>>>  Wow!  No one must want those "free" tickets for the Kasich inauguration ceremony.  Kasich has to have his ceremony inside to (1) protect himself from the cold elements, (2) keep unsavory members of the public away, (3) limit the number of people who will actually hear him speak.  Various websites have been declaring that the tickets will go fast, but they are still available.   

The Kasich extravaganza will have a special event honoring his wife.  Tickets are $500 each and will benefit a charity. Unfortunately, the name of the charity has not been disclosed.  I'm hoping that someone in the media asks.  

The inauguration balls are very expensive and there has been whispering about the Kasich elitism on display already.

With Lt. Gov.-elect Mary Taylor holding an event at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, is this an indication that she will once again work near home in a "satellite office" like she did as State Auditor?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hints of Things to Come

Do you remember when Gov. Ted Strickland was sworn into office in 2007?  Here is a refresher from the FreePress:

The Strickland-Fisher Inaugural Committee announced today that the ceremonial swearing-in ceremony of Ted Strickland as governor and Lee Fisher as lieutenant governor will take place at 11:30 a.m., January 13th, 2007, on the West Lawn of the Ohio Statehouse.

The event will be non-ticketed and open to the public....

The Dispatch noted Gov.-elect John Kasich's swearing in ceremony:
...Kasich will take office just after midnight on Jan. 10, but he will participate in a ceremonial swearing-in program later that day from noon to 1:30 p.m. in the Ohio Theater....

Tickets are free, but you must order them in advance.

Metromix indicates that the Ohio Theater has a capacity of 2,779.

Two words will describe the Kasich administration:
"Limited  Access"

Access will be denied to the following:
- Public school teachers
- Unionized firefighters
- Unionized police officers
- Unionized workers and public service people
- Pro-public school educators
- Democrats
- Anyone who might have said a word against Kasich
    (He is still waiting for Ohio's teachers to apologize to him.)

Access will be granted for the following people/groups:
+  Former Lehman Brothers executives
+  Major campaign contributors
+  Charter school owners
+  Chamber of Commerce Executives and Members
+  White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Male Millionaires
+  Owners/operators of dirty energy producers

Hold onto your hats because it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Watching and Waiting

The Gross Old White Republican Party (aka Ohio GOP) proved once again that they are a bunch of arrogant, greedy, power-hungry,  S.O.B.'s.


The Ohio Senate on Tuesday voted to reject nearly a quarter of outgoing Gov. Ted Strickland’s appointments to state boards and commissions, a move one fellow Democrat called a stab in the back.

On the last scheduled day of the two-year legislative session, the GOP-led Senate voted 18-12 to deny the confirmations of 78 of the Democratic governor’s appointments.....

....The governor had 351 appointees pending before the Senate. Lawmakers voted 28-0 to approve 251 nominees, and 22 were allowed to keep their seats without objection....

Do you remember what happened when Gov. Bob Taft, Republican, left office?

....When Taft appointees to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio had to resign on Strickland's watch because of a technical glitch (their nominations were decided in closed meetings), the new governor gracefully reappointed them. Strickland also kept others named by Republican governors, among them Thomas Charles, the state inspector general, at times harshly critical of the administration.

Senate leaders plan to meet Tuesday. They should listen to one of their colleagues, Kevin Coughlin. The Cuyahoga Falls Republican, unable to run this fall because of term limits, argues for confirming the Strickland's appointments unless an ethical breach or legal problem arises. ''It sets a poor precedent for the future,'' he said. It's not a precedent a governor elected with 49 percent of the vote can afford.

This is another reminder of Ted Strickland's honesty and integrity.  Keep him in mind while the Ohio Republicans create the groundwork for their total control of the state government. How long will we have to wait for the first Ohio Republican scandal?    With Republicans so hungry for power, it is just a matter of time before a new "coingate" scandal breaks.

"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
                                   - John Emerich Dalberg Acton (Thinkexist)

We'll be watching and waiting.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Kasich Rewards His Posse

Governor-elect John Kasich continues to roll out the ho-hum, boring, expected appointments.  Now Kasich has picked his good buddy and Lehman alum, Jai Chabria, to help with the transition in the Department of Development.


....Jai isn’t just a friend of John Kasich. Jai is John Kasich’s sidekick. Jai is John Kasich’s water boy. Jai owes his entire career to our incoming Governor and if John Kasich asks Jai to meet with everyone at the Department of Development and to pretend that he isn’t going to fire them all once Kasich takes office, Jai will do just that – with a big smile on his face
From the day he left college Jai has worked for and/or with John. After graduating Ohio Wesleyan in 1999, Jai started work with the New Century Project, the so-called “Issues Forum” that John Kasich used to keep his former staffers employed and paid. From there he followed Kasich to Lehman Brothers in 2001 – working as the other member of the “two man office” in Columbus....

I guess Kasich had to find a way to reward another one of his lapdogs.

* Big moves are going on in Ohio government.  There is one exit that people didn't expect.  A well-known member of a family with Republican ties resigned recently from his big salaried, state job.  Why would someone leave his job when the Republicans would be taking over the state government?  Was he forced to resign?  Will his alleged wrongdoing change the way people in his suburban hometown view him?  More later......

Friday, December 17, 2010

Kasich's Lack of Transparency

* After the tantrum yesterday of Governor-elect John Kasich at his press conference, many people are shocked that Kasich gets so upset at questions from the press about conflicts of interest and transparency.  Opinionati, makes it clear to Kasich, that even though Kasich has been whining about the need to follow laws about government transparency, it doesn't matter.  Kasich can whine and kick all he wants, but the public has the right to know how the government conducts business.

In an opinion piece titled, Pharoah Kasich trips over anthills on his way to the pyramid, writer KWellesley lets him have it.
Opinionati (at

....The public has a right to scrutinize a public office to be sure they are being best served, both by the people who work there and the money that is spent.

And it is those vexing sunshine laws — err, anthills — that make that possible, and the reporters’ — err, fire ants — job to make sure that the public has that opportunity, to cut through the bureaucratic red tape sometimes needed to actually get records.

We are sorry if Pharaoh Kasich does not appreciate our anthills, but the anthills are necessary to be sure that the pharaoh, high up in the pyramid, is doing his job....

Kasich needs to be reminded he was elected Governor, not Pharoah or King or Dictator (even though the picture from of Kasich as a Pharoah is very funny).

(pic from

Secret wheeling and dealing may have been the backbone of how business was conducted at Kasich's former place of employment, Lehman Brothers, but that kind of stuff must not be allowed to work in government.  Hasn't Kasich heard of all the scandals from the Taft administration like Coingate, the Taft ethics charges, the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars from the Bureau of Workers Compensation,  etc., etc.??????  These scandals hatched out of the secret backroom deals.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kasich vs. the Press, and Transparency, and Regulations

* There appears to be some renewed friction between Kasich and the press.  Gov.-elect John Kasich, and his choice for the head of the Dept. of Public Safety, Thomas Charles, met with the media and...............

Cleveland Plain Dealer:
....Charles also was asked today about potential conflicts of interest that could arise because his wife and son work in the patrol. Charles said Born, the new superintendent, will be a buffer between him and his relatives. Charles also said his family members will not be promoted while he is director.

Kasich, standing next to Charles, seemed annoyed with questions about potential conflicts of interest.

"I find myself tripping over the ant hills on the way to the pyramids. We have so many stupid rules and regulations that prevent us from getting the best people to come in here. You just can’t believe it. And I blame it on all of you," Kasich told reporters. "All the transparency and conflicts and other stuff. I want to just tell you, it is a problem to get quality people to come and work in the government.”

Apparently, Mr. Kasich needs to be reminded that he was elected GOVERNOR not  DICTATOR.  Ohio has laws, regulations, and transparency, which helps keep people honest.  I'd like to suggest that Kasich check out the Ohio government website on TRANSPARENCY. (He'll probably change the website when he takes over.)

If you'd like to see the video of  Kasich freaking out about transparency and regulations, check out the Capital Blog:
(The freakout about transparency starts at about 11minutes.)

What is the deal about asking for some applause?  This guy has been on TV too long.  Did you ever see an elected official ask for applause?

It is going to be a looooooooooooooong four years.

* Looks like there are problems with the negotiations between Time Warner Cable and Sinclair Broadcasting (owners of Channel 6 and 28 in Columbus, Ohio).  Seems like Sinclair wants more money from Time Warner customers.  As a Time Warner customer, it really would not bother me to miss the Sinclair channels. I don't watch their news broadcasts because they are too, too, too far to the right, and except for an occasional football game, I don't watch much of their programming at all.  The Sinclair owned channels in Columbus were part of the anti-John Kerry/swift boat promoters in 2004, and I haven't forgotten. (For more details, see WSJ.)

*  On the Daily Show tonight, Jon Stewart had some FDNY 9/11 first responders on who discussed the lack of effort by the Republicans to pass the health care legislation that covers their ailments caused by their response to the tragedy.  

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Developments

* USA Today:

The House has easily passed a bill to repeal the policy known as "don't ask, don't tell." The vote was aimed at sending a message to the Senate, where efforts to repeal have been blocked by Republicans.

The final House vote was 250-175, primarily along party lines. There were 15 Republicans who joined 235 Democrats to support the measure....

Which members voted against the repeal?  The usual group.  See the list of for and against votes at:

****  There is a very interesting website ( that gives you a breakdown about the demographics about the people of each state, congressional district, and zip code.  For example, according to
Ohio's 15th congressional district has 12.9% of residents with graduate degrees, 22.9% with bachelors degrees, has a life expectancy of 76 years....
Ohio's 8th congressional district has 7.1% of residents with graduate degrees, 13.6% with bachelors degrees, with a life expectancy of 77 years.....

>>>  Ohio's current Attorney General, Richard Cordray, has landed a big job, according to the NYTimes:

Richard Cordray, Ohio’s attorney general, is about to take his battle against foreclosure fraud, abusive payday lenders and misbehaving global financial houses to Washington. 

Mr. Cordray, a Democrat, was named today to oversee enforcement at the new Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection....

.....Mr. Cordray presented an interesting study in contrasts as attorney general. Soft-spoken, often with eyes downcast, he spoons out quite unsparing assessments of corporate fraud and wrongdoing. And in his two years in office, he has sued often, filing lawsuits and wresting about $2 billion from financial titans such as Merrill Lynch, Marsh & McLennan and American International Group....

With Cordray in town, those evildoers in the financial world better be good!
* Governor-elect John Kasich is already cutting back on the quality of education in Ohio.  Since Kasich seems to be getting advice from children instead of educators. 

Ohio school districts could go back to having five calamity days, instead of the three allotted this school year, if Gov.-elect John Kasich has his way.....

....Lawmakers would have to approve the change. Kasich told the Dayton Daily News in a story published earlier this week that he will move to restore the calamity days after he takes office Jan.10, in response to concerns about schools already having to use snow days with a long winter ahead.

He acknowledged that his daughter and the 10-year-old daughter of his chief of staff spoke to him at length about the subject....

Obviously, Kasich has already placed the expertise of school teachers behind the wants of his children and a friend.  What other recommendations do the Kasich kids have that will influence Kasich's agenda - - - no homework, shorter school days, longer vacation days, longer recesses, etc., etc., .....?

Kasich has no idea what calamity days do to the continuum of learning.  Since Kasich would rather seek the advice of selected school children instead of experts involved in education, we see that Kasich has once again demonstrated his shortsightedness. He was shortsighted on the needs and benefits of the passenger trains. He makes rash judgments instead of studying an issue and seeking the opinions of experts.

Newsnet5 has this development about a meeting Kasich had with officials of Cuyahoga County:

....The governor-elect said he has been actively involved in making sure the city keeps the company.

Kasich reiterated that the state will not keep American Greetings, or any other company, if we don’t create a better business climate.....

(Remember that as a member of the Board of Directors of Invacare, Kasich signed off on letting Invacare move many manufacturing jobs out of Ohio to China.)

....Kasich said education needs to be a priority. He also said that he would explore the opportunity of a state takeover of any school system that he believes isn’t working.

What district do you think Kasich would go after first? Which area of the state has a strong Democratic base with lots of union members?  Would Kasich go after Youngstown City Schools?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I see white people!

*  On Countdown with Keith Olbermann, two "Tea Party Governors" were part of a story about how they've turned down stimulus money to create jobs and improve passenger rail service. The "Tea Party Governors" that Olbermann referred to included Ohio's Gov.-elect John Kasich and the future Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker.
Before even taking office, Kasich and Walker have added to the negative job growths in their states.

*  OMG!  Another white guy has been picked to fill an office for the new administration of Governor-elect John Kasich!!!!

Gov.-elect John Kasich has selected Ohio Inspector General Thomas P. Charles to be his Public Safety director, The Dispatch has learned....

But wait!  There is another announcement within the Dispatch article:
...Kasich today selected Col. Deborah A. Ashenhurst of Hilliard to be the state's next adjutant general, which would make her the first woman to run the Ohio National Guard....

Col. Ashenhurst is the first female appointee for the Kasich administration.  However, the appointment continues Kasich's preference for those of the white race.

In case you're interested, Thomas P. Charles, has something of a history that is worth a look and Plunderbund has all the dirty details (check some of the comments).

> Newly elected Republican Rep. Steve Stivers (OH-15th), a former bank lobbyist, is also in the news with his appointment to the Financial Service Committee.

....Another new member of the committee, Rep.-elect Steve Stivers, previously worked as a lobbyist for Bank One, which is now owned by JPMorgan Chase. Stivers received $294,105 from the finance sector.

In July 2010, Stivers came to Washington for a fundraiser thrown by financial lobbyists in Washington and hosted by incoming Financial Services Committee chairman Spencer Bachus. Bachus received nearly 63% of his 2010 campaign contributions from financial interests.  Bachus recently stated his philosophy for governing the committee, "In Washington, the view is that the banks are to be regulated, and my view is that Washington and the regulators are there to serve the banks."

Isn't that convenient?  I guess the new Financial Services Committee will do whatever it can to protect bank profits.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Check it out---

* Ohio's College Democrats has launched a new website to follow the administration of Governor-elect John Kasich:

This will be worth watching.

* Ohio Republican, Bob Latta (OH-5th), has a very annoying website where he steps into it to speak directly to you.  (I always shut off his voice.) In this Congress, Latta has sponsored 28 pieces of legislation.  Of those 28 items that he sponsored, 14 of them are resolutions.  Once again, we can see that Bob Latta hasn't created any jobs with his propensity for bringing up resolutions that do nothing but offer a group or a person a pat on the back.  Latta has not created any jobs, but continues to spend a lot of time playing on the social media websites like Twitter.  Are the people of Ohio's 5th district happy with Latta's lack of initiative in job creation?

Kasich's War Against Unions

During the campaign for Ohio governor, Republican John Kasich made a point of attacking unions, especially teachers unions. 

Dispatch (September 26, 2010):

....During a speech before Ashtabula County Republicans in March 2009, Kasich talked about the need to "break the back of organized labor in the schools," according to the Ashtabula Star Beacon. He did not back away from that quote last week, saying as he pushes ideas to change schools he has often clashed with teachers unions, who have "smeared my record and distorted it."

   Kasich, who is backed by business groups, also opposes paying prevailing wages on state-funded construction projects. And as part of a sweeping review of state laws and regulations, he wants to reexamine the 1983 law that gave public employees in Ohio the right to collective bargaining, arbitration and strike (except for safety forces)..... 

Even today's Columbus Dispatch, seems to be turning up the heat between Kasich and the unions. With Kasich serving as the sweetheart of businesses, bankers, and right wing Fox News, it is no wonder that he seems to be paying back their support with his anti-union campaign.

Is all this talk against unions just another way of the wealthy to deny working class Ohioans the ability to support themselves and their families? You betcha!  If Kasich, the Republicans, and their big business supporters successfully overturn laws on collective bargaining, strikes, and arbitration, will that open the floodgates to change other laws about worker safety and protections?  What other laws are in the crosshairs of Kasich and the white men of the Ohio Republican Party?

Kasich, who has become increasingly more aloof as he has become wealthier, has made it a habit of blaming the state's problems on unions.  Is this another example of Kasich's myopic views on issues?  Are Ohioans going to face a governor who has one opinion and is unwilling to hear the voices of the opposition? Will Kasich continue to get angrier at any contradictory opinions?  Will he just shut out opposing views out of the conversation?  Will the Columbus Dispatch continue to support Kasich's views and refrain from giving us a balance of opinions?

I'm just one little old lady in central Ohio.  I think that Kasich has underestimated the fact that more people voted against him than for him.  He thinks that he won a mandate, but he is wrong.  Ohioans want and demand answers and we won't sit by and let Kasich, the white Republicans, and wealthy business owners run over us and deny us our rights.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Latest....

The Dispatch has published the final numbers from the November election:

....Republican John Kasich defeated Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland in the Nov. 2 election, but only by 2 percentage points after all the votes were counted.....

Current Attorney General Richard Cordray, a Democrat, lost by a smaller margin.

 ....Cordray trailed DeWine by more than 67,800 votes in the unofficial count, but he picked up the lion's share of provisional votes in major counties and lost by a final official margin of 48,691.... 

Will John Kasich and Mike DeWine be able to deliver on their promises?

 * * *  The Hill has this about newly elected Republican, Steve Stivers, a former bank lobbyist, who will serve Ohio's 15th congressional district:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) revealed an early 2012 target Friday, hitting Rep.-elect Steve Stivers (R-Ohio), who defeated Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (D) last month.

In a release, the committee targeted the elevation of Stivers to the House Financial Services Committee, hitting his past as a bank lobbyist.

"Banking lobbyist Steve Stivers has made a career out of protecting Wall Street’s recklessness and greed, and now House Republicans want him to put this special-interest expertise to work for them,” said DCCC spokesman Ryan Rudominer. "House Republicans have made clear they want to give the keys to our economy back to Wall Street bankers and CEOs to keep their big bailouts and high-paid bonuses for years to come."

Every move and vote by Steve Stivers will be documented to see if he continues to favor banks and Wall Street the way he did when he was a state senator. Stivers, who has voiced opposition to the new health care law, also has decided to accept the government paid congressional health insurance. We call that kind of behavior hypocrisy.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Does Kasich Think He Was Elected Dictator?

Even though more people voted against him than for him, John Kasich is on the way to taking power and denying rights to Ohio's public employees.  The good people at Think Progress have this:


....Kasich’s “personal philosophy” displays a remarkable dismissal of both freedom and fact. Workers strike as a last resort to eliminate inequalities in bargaining power and address problems including unsafe working conditions, unfair wages, and benefits. Ohio safety forces, however, are prohibited from doing so. Because “unstable” labor relations between safety workers and the city spurred “constant strikes,” Ohio passed a collective bargaining law in 1983 that prohibited public safety workers from striking. But, to ensure workers still had an option, Ohio replaced the right to strike with a binding arbitration policy. So, not only would Kasich like to fire any police officer or firefighter for a right they are not given, he wants to eliminate the only remaining tool they have as a viable alternative. 

In defending his dictatorial philosophy, Kasich flags the “cost” such contractually-obligated rights level on local governments. A peculiar defense given that Kasich is hell-bent on dismantling Ohio’s economy before he even takes office.  In pledging to kill Ohio’s high-speed rail project, he single-handedly drove away $400 million in federal funds from the state. His plan to scrap an education funding formula for Ohio’s school may also very well cost Ohio another narrowly-won $400 million in “Race to the Top” federal funds. If that’s not enough, Kasich’s plan to eliminate both Ohio’s income tax — nearly half the state’s revenue — would cost about $8.3 billion next year alone. Add another $288.5 million for his apparent plans to eliminate Ohio’s estate tax and Kasich is looking to more than double Ohio’s $8 billion deficit.....

Why does Kasich think so little of public employees?  Why is he trying to deny public employees the rights they are guaranteed by the laws of Ohio?

While Kasich sips his fine wine and lives the life of luxury provided by his Wall Street bonuses, Ohio's public employees are being told that they should not have the right to seek justice and safety at work. It is going to be a hellish four years in Ohio.

To the Supreme Court

* Gov. Ted Strickland has appointed Yvette McGee Brown to the Ohio Supreme Court, according to

* The flat Earth, backward thinking Republicans are hailing the move to return $400 million dollars to the federal government since Ohio won't build passenger rail in the state.  Thousands of jobs and economic growth has just evaporated.

Thursday, December 09, 2010


Gov.-elect John Kasich has done it again! 

WCPN...Former Franklin County Auditor Joe Testa has been chosen to be Ohio's next tax commissioner. Kasich says he chose Testa because he's hard working and honest... 

Testa has one other qualification not listed in the story - - -  he is a white male.

****   John Kasich doesn't know much about Ohio law.
Gov.-elect John Kasich has wisely reversed course and says he'll release the names and resumes of people applying for patronage jobs with his new administration after he's sworn in Jan. 10. Unfortunately, that may not be the end of the story. 

Kasich had sought to keep the information confidential -- even after taking office. He said he didn't want to jeopardize applicants' current employment by tipping their bosses. Now the Republican governor-elect says lawyers have advised him that Ohio's Open Records Act won't allow such post-inaugural secrecy. 

Kasich purports to be "mystified" and "shocked" by Ohio law and court rulings that make Statehouse job seekers' information public. He shouldn't be. Ohio, for all its political frailties, has a strong open-records culture, despite officeholders' attempts to weaken it....

I guess Kasich had gotten accustomed to all those secret deals on Wall Street that he didn't understand the state's open-records requirements.

The Truth Hurts

The only legislative item on the Republican agenda appears to be extending the Bush tax cuts.  Unfortunately, the Republicans seem unable to admit it.

The Hill:

A Republican lawmaker looking to lead House conservatives next year accused President Obama of acting "unpresidential" for his attacks on Republicans.

Rep. Jim Jordan (Ohio), an Ohio Republican with close ties to incoming Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who's gunning to become chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, condemned the president's sharp rhetoric directed toward the GOP on Tuesday.

"It just doesn't look presidential and it's not appropriate for the leader of the greatest country in the world to conduct himself in that matter," Jordan said on conservative host Laura Ingraham's radio show....

What does Jim Jordan know?  All he is doing is trying to "kiss up" to John Boehner in order to get a leadership position. If Jordan gets a high-ranking job, how will the overly ambitious Republican Pat Tiberi feel if he gets left out of the game?

*  The public seems to think that the planned four day extravaganza celebration on tap for the incoming Kasich administration is too much.  Even though the parties will be covered by private donations, people wonder if that money could have been put to better use by donating those funds to food pantries, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters.  Is this an indication of how Kasich and the Ohio GOP are truly out of sync with Ohioans?  Is this another example of the avarice of the WORP (White Ohio Republican Party)? 

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

One View

Women in Ohio are wondering if John Kasich has found any female and minority candidates in the state that he feels are qualified enough to work in his administration.  Up to this point, Kasich has filled six vacancies in his new administration as Governor-elect with white males.  This certainly sends a message to women and minorities in Ohio.

(Note: Plunderbund has an excellent post on Kasich's lack of understanding on diversity.)

Kasich and his current all white male administration (except for Lt. Gov.-elect Mary Taylor), will only help confirm that the Ohio Republican Party is a white male dominated organization with little interest or concern for anyone else.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Kasich Adds Another White Male

>  Once again, John Kasich, Governor-elect of Ohio, has picked Col. Tom Moe to head Ohio Veterans Services, according to WFMJ.  Col. Moe is the sixth white male to be added to Kasich's administration.

***  Here is some good news! 

Miami Herald:

Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, who apologized to BP last summer during the Gulf oil spill and then backtracked under pressure from GOP leaders, has failed in his effort to be named the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee in the 112th Congress.

The House GOP Steering Committee, controlled by House incoming Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, selected Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., to chairman the committee instead.....

Barton is a disgrace in the way he panders to the oil companies. 

- - ->  Republican Rep. Pat Tiberi (OH-12) related his family's experience with unemployment compensation in the Newark Advocate:

"When I was in high school, my family had to rely on unemployment after my dad lost his job, so I certainly understand how important that safety net is for struggling families," Tiberi said in a statement....

However, when Tiberi had the chance to help some other families in these tough economic times, he voted AGAINST extending the unemployment compensation.  Pat Tiberi - - - he doesn't just doesn't care.

*  Do we really need guns in every single establishment?  Republican Danny Bubp thinks so. 

Rep. Danny Bubp says he has collected the 50 signatures needed to force a House floor vote on a controversial bill that would allow Ohio permit holders to carry concealed handguns into bars and other places that serve alcohol....

Somehow I don't think that guns and alcohol mix very well.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Endangering the Public

Gov-elect John Kasich is already showing us what kind of governor he'll be when he takes office in January.

Springfield News-Sun:

Gov.-elect John Kasich urged farmers to self-regulate and police one another when it comes to protecting the environment, including Grand Lake St. Marys.
“I am not big on imposing rules and regulations on 100 people when we need to take one person out and put him in the stockade and throw some fruit and vegetables at him,” Kasich told members of the Ohio Farm Bureau on Friday....
.....Over the last two summers, the 12,700-acre man-made lake suffered from algae outbreaks that led to Ohio Environmental Protection Agency advisories to avoid contact with the water. The algae blooms are caused by run off of manure and fertilizers from watershed lands feeding the lake — mostly farms....

Kasich is suggesting that farmers "self-regulate" themselves?  Isn't that what the bankers did on Wall Street before the financial collapse?  Isn't that what meat packers did before there were meat inspectors?  Should I suggest that my doctor "self-regulate" himself/herself?  What other areas and professions does Kasich suggest should "self-regulate" their businesses and dealings?

Regulations are not fun, but they serve a purpose.  Regulations protect the public and the environment.  Does Kasich think that the safety warnings about Grand Lake St. Mary's were unnecessary? Really? When will he be taking his family there for swimming and boating?

* People are talking about the appointments that Kasich has made over the last few weeks.  So far, all of the appointees are white men.  Some people think that is fine, but there are many of us who feel that white men do not represent Ohioans.  Since the Census Bureau notes that  51.2% of the Ohio population is female, I'm waiting for Kasich to have a diverse, more representative group assisting him in the management of the Ohio government.  Is Kasich unfamiliar with highly educated, successful, business-savvy non-whites that could be part of his administration?  We are all watching.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Republicans: Support Avarice, Against Hungry School Children

Time and time again, Republican leaders John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have demonstrated that they are not interested in helping middle class Americans. Instead, Boehner, McConnell, and their millionaire and billionaire friends, are pushing for a continuation of the Bush tax cuts for the extremely wealthy.  What have the wealthy been doing with all the extra money they got from the previous tax cuts?  We know they haven't been creating jobs because that alone would have put hundreds of thousands of people back to work.  The wealthy have been spending those extra dollars on themselves with luxury items, expensive cars, botox treatments, plastic surgery, and extra homes and yachts. 

Did you know that if the Bush tax cuts are extended for millionaires and billionaires that it would increase our debt an additional $ 4 TRILLION???

Here is what the Boehner had to say today about tax cuts for the middle class - RawStory:

Incoming House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) on Thursday dismissed an ultimately successful attempt by House Democrats to extend middle-class tax cuts as "chicken crap" and "nonsense."

"I'm trying to catch my breath so I don't refer to this maneuver going on today as chicken crap, all right? But this is nonsense, all right?" Boehner told reporters at the Capitol.....

....The measure, which extends Bush-era tax cuts for the bottom 98 percent of Americans, passed the House comfortably Thursday afternoon by a margin of 234-188, with 20 Democrats opposed and 3 Republicans voting yes....

John Boehner's motto should be "SAVE  THE  WEALTHY!"

****  Which Ohio Republicans voted against a bill to feed school children safe and healthy food?  According to the, the following Ohio Republicans voted against feeding hungry school children:

Austria, Boehner, Jordan, Latta, Schmidt, Tiberi, Turner

These people are more interested in providing tax breaks for the rich  than providing food for hungry school children.  Do you know what they call people who deny food to hungry children?  Exactly.

>  In the Bizjournals, Kasich has this comment about his opposition to the train:

....According to the Columbus Biz Insider, a prime example came Tuesday when the governor-elect said proponents of passenger rail service in Ohio are part of a “train cult” – a term he made up on the spot according to one of his press aides.....

A cult?  Really?  I always thought that people who favored "trickle down economics" were stupid because they kept promoting it but it never, ever worked.

I think that people who oppose the train project are short-sighted, shallow, and ignorant people who probably haven't had a new idea since the 1980's.  They're against the train project because President Obama proposed it and it would put thousands of people back to work.  Republicans do not want President Obama to have any success.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Everything Old is New Again

We have additional proof that John Kasich's incoming administration is already showing signs of a lack of fresh ideas.  Kasich has once again chosen a former department head from a previous Republican administration.


Gov.-elect John Kasich tapped Jerry Wray yesterday to return to his old job as director of the Ohio Department of Transportation, promising "no games, no politics, no train."

....Wray was ODOT director from 1991 to 1999 under Gov. George V. Voinovich and is a former Licking County engineer. He had been working as a marketing engineer for U.S. Bridge in Cambridge, in eastern Ohio, but said he has been retired since 2008. ODOT said it has invested nearly $883,000 with the company since March 2009.

Wray also was a lobbyist for the trade association representing asphalt manufacturers and highway contractors and faced criticism in 2003 - including from former state Rep. Kevin DeWine, now Ohio Republican chairman - that he had too much influence in ODOT decisions on using concrete or asphalt in pavement projects....

All those Republican donors who are in road construction are already reminiscing about those  jobs they got under the Voinovich administration and hoping that their pal Wray will toss them some new work. 

As far as the Republican Neanderthals who are unable and unwilling to visualize traveling by train, they need to see how Europe travels.  In the interactive map at RailEurope, you'll be able to see the train routes in Europe that provide easy access to every part of the continent.  I personally have traveled on trains in Europe and I can tell you that it is safe, convenient, relaxing, and an important mode of transportation.  The fact that the backward-thinking Republicans cannot get their brains around the idea of passenger trains, demonstrates their pathetic, unimaginative brain power.

*  Out of work?  Have your unemployment benefits lapsed?  If you are looking for assistance, don't call the offices of the following members of the House of Representatives.  These Ohio Republicans voted against an emergency extension of unemployment benefits (Roll Call Vote 579): Austria, Boehner, Jordan, Latta, Schmidt, Tiberi.  You might want to contact their offices and offer your opinion (see list of Ohio delegation), but they are probably too, too, too busy trying to figure out how they can give more unfunded tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires.