Friday, September 07, 2012

Fired Up for President Obama!!!

****We are thankful that President Barack Obama is the President and we must work to be certain that he wins re-election!!!!!  I LOVED the Democratic convention!  There was so much love, enthusiasm, and excitement!!!!

* Loved these lines from last night----
Mitt Romney and his running mate are "new to foreign policy."- President Obama

Of President Obama, Joe Biden said, "....he has compassion in his heart and a spine of steel..." (Link)

"Is Osama bin Laden better off today than he was four years ago?"- John Kerry

We've got to support Democratic candidates so that President Obama gets his agenda for health care, education, protecting Social Security and Medicare, jobs, college education, and reproductive freedom. When Democrats win, the middle class wins.

* It is comical that after spending the entire election cycle talking about having more tax cuts for the rich and corporations, Josh Mandel, Ohio's absent Treasurer, has just discovered the middle class.  It is just odd that he didn't include the words "middle class" in his jobs plan.  As a veteran himself, Mandel totally forgot about including jobs for veterans in his plan.  Has Josh Mandel sold his soul to the far right in exchange for his potential votes?

Why do Romney, Ryan, Mandel, and Republicans want to end the use of some birth control pills? Why are they coming in between women and their physicians?  Republicans talk about freedom, but they are against freedom for women?????