Saturday, September 08, 2012

More Lies from Josh Mandel?? You betcha!

Did I mention that the campaign of Republican Josh Mandel is lying again?  I bet you are not surprised.

* The smear machine over at the Josh Mandel campaign is up and running again.  They've taken what was said by Joe Hallett of the Republican-loving Columbus Dispatch and turned it into something else.  Here is what Joe Hallett of the Dispatch said (on 8/19/12), as he addressed Mandel:

 ( " is your reputation, Josh, we want to discuss. We’re worried about it, because the campaign you’ve been running has smelled like our cigars..."  

“..Still, you have self-inflicted wounds during this campaign that are hurting your reputation long term, win or lose. You are becoming known as the candidate of the big lie, continually making statements and airing ads that stretch the truth or are patently untrue. PolitiFact Ohio, The Plain Dealer’s respected campaign truth-o-meter, has given you more “Pants on Fire” ratings for false claims than any other candidate by far….”

Josh Mandel has refused to stop lying about Sen. Sherrod Brown, the Affordable Care Act, taxes, his own run for the Senate, and his handpicked staff of frat boys, their relatives, and his friends. It is no surprise that the Josh Mandel smear machine that threw lies about Kevin Boyce around in 2010 would continue to lie in Mandel's next campaign.

Josh Mandel talks about integrity?  Honesty? Give me a break!  I think Mandel doesn't know the meanings of the words. Do you think it would help if the Mandel campaign got copies of the definitions of honesty and integrity? In case you are interested, you might want to send some email to Mandel's campaign:

You might also want to ask him why he doesn't mention "veterans" or the "middle class" in his jobs plan.