Saturday, October 01, 2011

Women Are Not That Impressed with Kasich

*  Why does John Kasich dislike public school teachers and nurses?  Teachers and nurses stand to lose a lot if SB 5 wins.  Here is a statistic that will cause you to wonder why the Republicans and Kasich have personalized their attacks on teachers and nurses in the state of Ohio.

In 2006, the National Education Association released data on male and female teachers. Men accounted for less than 25 percent of all teachers in United States public schools....

Is there an underlying message in the rudeness displayed by the Ohio Republicans toward the teachers and nurses in this state?  The Republican Party has never been known to be for the advancement of the rights of women and minorities.  Is SB 5 just another maneuver to keep professions which are primarily made up of female workers under a man's thumb?  The recent Quinnipiac Poll shows that 51% of women disapprove of Kasich, and only 35% approve of his job performance. Women care about the plight of children, the elderly, and our schools.  Kasich has cut programs for children and the folks in nursing homes,  and is trying to destroy public schools by defunding them, and increasing money to poorly performing charter schools.  This type of agenda pushed by Kasich turns women's stomachs.  The bullying and name calling has got to stop because he is supposed to set an example for our young people.  Instead, he has called a police officer "an idiot," told an African-American member of the State Senate that ...."....I don't need your people......" and demanded apologies from teachers who expressed their opinions during the election.

SB 5 is not just about pensions and pay raises.  It has to do with workers' rights on the job.

Just a reminder------ Vote NO on Issue 2.

* I've been talking to a number of people that have totally stopped their subscriptions to the Columbus Dispatch because of their overwhelming support of the Kasich administration.  Many of those former subscribers said that you can only take that right wing b.s. so long, and then it is time to hit them (the Dispatch Republican propaganda machine) in the wallet. 

*There are more and more questions being raised about Josh Mandel's ethics and his continued refusal to file his required personal financial disclosure with the U.S. Senate.  Did you know that he is the only candidate for the Senate that has not sent in his paperwork for his finances?????  What is it with Mandel?


...Back in the dark days of October 2010, Mandel ran an offensive ad against, then Treasurer Kevin Boyce, accusing him of making shady deals at his Mosque with other shady people. Problem is Kevin Boyce is not a Muslim, nor does he attend a Mosque. It didn’t matter though, crazy, right-wing nuts like nothing better than some good old fashion Islamophobia and Mandel was more than willing to serve it up for them.
After the campaign ended Mandel went on ONN and said he regreted running the ad and that he and Boyce had made peace with each other. In the interview Mandel said -
…in life there have been times when I have been knocked on my butt, you get up, and keep marching forward.
Which seems all well and good except Mandel still has not taken the ad down from his campaign’s You Tube page. The ad, “Boyce Corruption Ad” is still up on his page....

Why does Mandel continue to run the ad if that election is over?  Is he, as Ben at Plunderbund said, "....trying to court crazy right-wing voters in a Republican primary you better have something to give them....?"

Mandel's lack of initiative on the removal of the campaign video and his reluctance to follow the law on the financial disclosrue does look a little weird.