Monday, October 03, 2011

I hate Mondays......

*  Ohioans are still talking about the redistricting map that was drawn by the Republicans.  People are wondering whether the districts are balanced, according to population, and if they are even fair.  Then again, why would the Republicans be concerned about that?

The MansfieldNews Journal has some interesting notes about how elected Republicans think about the new district boundary lines:

...Tiberi said, he had to take an interest in urban issues such as enterprise zones and earned income tax credits. But he also had to be involved in agriculture and farming issues....

...Stivers' district trends to be 57 percent Republican, according to numbers gathered by the Ohio Campaign for Accountable Redistricting. His will be the fifth-most Republican district in the state.

There are 10 congressional districts that are more than 55 percent Republican, and four that are more than 55 percent Democratic. Tiberi's new 12th District trends 61 percent Republican....

Here is my question for Tiberi:  Do you mean you didn't care about urban or agricultural issues until you were elected? Tiberi appears to admit that he has had to learn to care.  Honestly, if you've ever been to the urban area of Tiberi's 12th congressional district, you'd think he still doesn't care.

When I see or hear about Pat Tiberi, I am always reminded about how he complained how poor he was: YouTube

Poor Pat Tiberi.  If you look at Tiberi's personal finances, available at  OpenSecrets, there is nothing "poor" about Tiberi:

Net Worth: From $502,025 to $1,714,998 
Rank:  170th in House
Assets:  21 totaling $652,025 to $1,780,000 
Liabilities:   2 totaling $65,002 to $150,000  

Tiberi's assets don't look too shabby.

* This weekend is the Columbus Italian Festival.  Every politician and supporter will be out in force with their shirts and handouts.  If you have a "Vote NO on Issue 2" shirt, be sure to wear it.

* Has Mayor Bell of Toledo been showing some favoritism recently?


The chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party has asked the Ohio Ethics Commission to investigate the $656,000 in federal grants and loans the city of Toledo has awarded to a development company owned by Mayor Mike Bell's niece.....

.....Ms. Bell, 27, started Fort Industry Development shortly after her uncle took office in January, 2010. Since then, the city has awarded Ms. Bell's company five contracts to buy, rehabilitate, and sell foreclosed homes. The rehabilitation work itself is performed by a general contractor. Fort Industry also is to receive two more contracts, which would bring the total close to $1 million.....

.....Mr. Bell has said he has a particularly close to his niece, especially since her father -- the mayor's brother -- died in 2008. Ms. Bell worked on the mayor's campaign and is accompanying him on his trip to Asia this week. The mayor could not be reached for comment yesterday.....

I hope an investigation does move forward.

******  Have you read the latest about the Koch Brothers?  Bloomberg has all the dirty details about bribes, cover ups, secrecy, and other bad behaviors on those associated with Koch:  Bloomberg.