Sunday, October 02, 2011

More to SB 5

There is more included in that Kasich-Republican SB 5 legislation than you've been told.  If you'd like to read the bill, follow the link-----  Analysis - SB 5 - Final

There are some items in SB 5 that will get you questioning why the Republicans hate fire fighters, police officers, nurses, teachers, and public employees.  Collective bargaining has eliminated strikes but now Kasich and his GOPers are eliminating all collective bargaining.  Although Kasich has said that he isn't targeting any certain group, we know better. 

...Eliminates the ability of the parties to submit disputes to an agreed‐upon dispute
resolution procedure....

...Generally eliminates statutory salary schedules and steps....

...Removes consideration of seniority and length of service, by itself, from decisions
regarding a reduction in work force of certain public employees....

In the area of the bill that pertains to schools, there is something that should make parents worry about class sizes.

...The act prohibits a public employer that is a school district, educational service
center, a conversion community school that engages in collective bargaining, or STEM
school from entering into a collective bargaining agreement on or after the actʹs effective
date that does any of the following:

(1) Requires the public employer to employ a minimum number of total
personnel or any category of personnel....
...(3) Establishes a maximum number of students who may be assigned to a
classroom or teacher....

Under the current collective bargaining law, teachers and school boards work out and "bargain" what is the appropriate number of students in a classroom.  According to this SB 5, those kinds of agreements will no longer be allowed.  If school boards and teachers are not longer able to set class size numbers, does that mean the governor or the legislature will decide how many students should be in each classroom????  25?  40?  50?  Will Kasich be the "decider" on how many students should be in a second grade class?

Since school boards and teachers will no longer be able to work together for the common good of their communities, it will be easier for the state to take more funding away from education and might even allow the state to impose certain book choices for the entire state.  Isn't there a member of the Bush family that publishes curriculum and books for schools?

Vote NO on Issue 2.

Vote NO on Issue 3.
Here is something that might help you make a decision about whether or not you'll continue to support the Republican newspaper, The Columbus Dispatch.
The president of the Columbus firefighters’ union says many firefighters and their stations have cancelled their subscriptions to The Columbus Dispatch to protest the newspaper’s support of Senate Bill 5.
Jack Reall tells ABC6/Fox28 News’ Carol Luper that he is not advocating a boycott, but because the paper’s editorial policy supports the measure that does away with collective bargaining, Reall says firefighters and other public employees should not support the company with their subscription dollars....