Friday, October 21, 2011

Vote by Absentee Ballot

****  We keep getting political material through the mail.  Yesterday we got another mailer from the dark side (those for Issue 2), but it was too late.  We have already voted by absentee ballot and we voted no on Issue 2.  According to an item in the Dispatch, requests for absentee ballots are up again this year because of the ballot issues.  I believe that people are just suspicious of the Republicans being in charge of voting machines.  Here is a reminder:  

Vote NO on  Issue 2.

No on Issue 1.
No on Issue 2.
No on Issue 3.

* Update to story below:


....Kasich signed an executive order Friday and said the state has agreed to work with zoos to house any confiscated animals found in substandard conditions. He also has requested the Ohio Department of Natural Resources set up a hot line for citizens to report animal abuse.....
I wonder if the full court press of Jack Hanna, animal rights advocates, Ohioans, and even Ted Nugent forced Kasich to do something.  

Do you need to see an example of just what type of person Gov. Kasich is?  Kasich issued an executive order for horse racing tracks, but he refused to sign an executive order to outlaw the sale and ownership of exotic animals.

Ohio's horse-racing tracks can apply for relocation thanks to an executive order signed by Gov. John Kasich and an emergency rule adopted by the Ohio Racing Commission, The Vindicator in Youngstown reported.....

This is just further proof that the Kasich administration cares more about pleasing his corporate friends than the people in Ohio.

>>>> Ohio's unemployment rate remains at 9.1% for September 2011 (DaytonDailyNews).


**Daily Kos has Jon Stewart's reaction to the news out of Libya: