Tuesday, October 04, 2011


*  John Kasich is the most unpopular governor in the United States!  Whoopeeeeee!  He must be so proud!  (Public Policy Polling found that Gov. Kasich "...with a 53% disapproval rating....")

You have to ask yourself why the people in Ohio have given Gov. Kasich such high disapproval numbers.

Could it be that Kasich hasn't delivered jobs?

Could it be that his pompous, dismissive attitude has turned off people?

Could it be that people are
(a) shocked by his disrespect of police officers (called one an "idiot" see YouTube).

(b) hurt by his comments to State Sen. Nina Turner when he said, "I don't need your people."  (10TV) State Sen. Turner had questioned Kasich about his lack of diversity in his cabinet and staff.

(c) disgusted that, in a campaign speech in Cincinnati, he called middle class workers in Ohio "union thugs."(see NationalReview)

(d) upset that during the campaign he was the only candidate that refused to meet with the Fraternal Order of Police and had a staffer sign a letter of support for law enforcement (see thebellwetherdaily).

(e) unable to forget how he insulted the work and dedication of public school teachers. The StarBeacon notes that Kasich said the following:

..Expand the school voucher program and break the grip unions hold on education. "Now my concern with the teachers union is that I am convinced they are a lot more concerned with their own situation rather than the situation of our children," Kasich said.

“We need more school choice, we need to break the back of organized labor in the schools, and we need to turn our schools into institutions that excite our kids and teach them, and the best way to get it done is to give mothers and fathers the power to take their kids out of bad places and put them in good,” Kasich said to a round of applause....

John Kasich doesn't have the backbone to teach in some of the tough schools we've worked in over the years. I'd venture to guess that he has spent very little time in actual public schools seeing what teachers do, how many hours/days/months we work, the sacrifices we make to help our students, the money we spend on our students for supplies, the physical dangers, etc.  I guess if your children go to private schools, you are just clueless about what happens in 99% of the schools.   

Of course, Kasich, who got some comfy teaching job where he accepted big bucks ($50,000/year for 1-2 hrs/month) and perks (an assistant) from the Ohio State University, knows nothing about the work and education of real, certified, and licensed teachers.

Those school vouchers that Kasich and the GOP expanded were not all filled this year.  Why would parents want to send children to schools that do not perform as well as public schools on statewide tests?  Would you want to send your child to a school that continues to fail to educate children, meets in the basement of a building or old gas station, doesn't have proper desks and materials, has "teachers" with temporary certificates, cannot provide proper books and curriculum needed for each child at every level?????

If Kasich continues to be this unpopular and continues to cut funds to libraries, education, senior citizens, counties/cities/villages, while continuing to give hundreds of millions of dollars to corporations, people will continue to disapprove of his job.

I'll leave it to Rachel Maddow to sum up: found at CrooksandLiars



*  Republican Rep. Jim Renacci held a townhall meeting recently where he met with constituents.

...Renacci opened up with a PowerPoint presentation that included slides dealing with the budget, the nation's borrowing trend, taxes, regulations and the number of bills passed by the U.S. House (96) and how many of those the U.S. Senate passed (two)....

..Wooster resident Bill Bostancic said Renacci gave the "same ol', same ol' Republican viewpoint."

"He talked about compromise, but I don't see where he has done any compromise," Bostancic said....

Renacci was just parroting the Republican talking points, but his constituents are not impressed with Renacci's work.  According to Library of Congress, Renacci has only sponsored 2 bills-  H.R.2081  and  H.R.2137 and not one of them has gone to the full House of Representatives or has become law.  Also, both of these bill were not even sponsored until June 2011.  What has Renacci been doing all this time?  Where are the jobs?  Where are bills sponsored by Renacci to create jobs?