Monday, October 31, 2011

Another Economic Problem for Ohio on the Horizon?

 -----  Vote NO on Issue 2. -----

* Gov. Kasich has put Ohio further in the hole by not following up with a federal deadline.

In August, Gov. John Kasich and Republicans in charge of the state legislature let pass an opportunity to collect $176 million from the federal government. There were strings attached, the state required to modernize its unemployment compensation system, say, by extending benefits to part-time workers or to those in approved job training programs. Almost three dozen other states met the test. Many did so in view of borrowing heavily from the feds during the recession to keep their jobless funds in operation.

Take the money, and Ohio would have modestly reduced the cost of its borrowing, the state now with a $2.3 billion debt to the federal government.

On Thursday, Policy Matters Ohio, a Cleveland-based think tank, released an analysis that offers helpful context. It persuasively establishes how the state has neglected to manage effectively its unemployment compensation fund — beyond the challenges of the harsh recession....

Once again we see the arrogance of Gov. Kasich and the Republicans on full display.  Ohio voters must remember this line from the editorial:  

"...the state has neglected to manage effectively its unemployment compensation fund..."

What other economic disasters could be on the horizon because Gov. Kasich and the majority Republicans ignored the need to update legislation? 


*** We are still dealing with the aftermath of the death of exotic animals in Zanesville, Ohio.  Although citizens are demanding legislation, the current governor appears to be dragging his feet in pushing for a permanent fix.  Born Free is urging Ohioans to push their elected officials to vote for the bill sponsored by Rep. Debbie Phillips and her legislation HB 352:

In the wake of the exotic animals tragedy near Zanesville, OH, there is a ray of hope: Ohio state Rep. Debbie Phillips (D-Athens) has introduced House Bill 352 to finally prohibit individuals from possessing dangerous exotic animals and to place stringent restrictions on current "owners." Please take a moment to urge your state representative to support HB 352 today....

In a letter to the editor of the AthensNews, Tracy Coppola of the organization, Born Free, suggests that what is currently in force in Ohio is not good:

Born Free USA appreciates that Ohio Gov. Kasich has spoken to the issue of wild animal ownership in Ohio. However, we are disappointed that his Executive Order did not definitively prohibit ownership of potentially dangerous exotic wild animals. 

Unlike the proactive legislation recently introduced by Ohio Rep. Debbie Phillips, D-Athens, Gov. Kasich still has not committed to the root of the problem — the need to finally prohibit individuals from possessing dangerous exotic animals, and place stringent restrictions on current "owners." In order to prevent yet another exotic animal tragedy from occurring in Ohio, Gov. Kasich must stand firm on safeguarding communities from individuals who currently possess exotics and those who plan on possessing exotics in the future.

Apart from H.B. 352's firm stance on banning future "ownership" of these animals, the bill is designed specifically to prevent another Terry Thompson from possessing exotics by disallowing persons previously convicted of animal abuse or who have had their licensure previously revoked or suspended by local, state or federal authorities from possessing exotics.....

We need to push the Governor and the elected members of the Ohio General Assembly to vote for HB 352.