Monday, October 17, 2011

9 9 9? No. No. No.

* Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax proposal is a little strange.  Those of us in Ohio already pay sales tax and it varies by county. If you look at this map of Ohio, you'll see the total sales tax paid by people in each county.  Cuyahoga County residents pay 7.75% sales tax.  If you add Cain's 9% onto that 7.75%, you get an astounding sales tax rate of 16.75%.  Somehow I don't think that people would like paying that high rate of a sales tax.

In a Forbes article (2/17/11), some high sales tax rates areas are listed:

....Tuba City, Ariz., and environs. It's a Navajo Indian Reservation town of 8,200 on the colorful Painted Desert that sits on one of the main routes to the Grand Canyon. The levy is a whopping 13.725%--nearly $1 on every $7 spent. It's the sum of Arizona's 6.6% tax, Coconino County's 1.125% and a tribal 6%.....

....Among the largest cities, Chicago and Los Angeles have the highest combined sales tax rates, 9.75%. Other lofty rates among big cities include San Francisco and Seattle (9.5%); Phoenix (9.3%); New Orleans (9.0%); New York (8.875%); Dallas, Houston and Charlotte (8.25%); Las Vegas (8.1%); and Philadelphia and parts of Atlanta (8.0%)......

Do you think that anyone in those large cities would vote for a person that wants to add 9% onto an already high sales tax rate? 

***  Vote NO on Issue 2.  Stand with those in your community who've helped protect, respond, teach, heal, and come to your aid.  Vote NO on Issue 2.

I saw this pin today:

Those who can,
Those who can't, 
pass laws about teaching.

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