Monday, October 10, 2011


* Another "fake" supporter of SB 5 has emerged.

Anthony Caldwell found this story at WSYX:

ABC6 ran a story about Issue 2 featuring Kasich’s rally in Plain City where they interviewed Jacob Larger, a “government worker who is voting YES on ISSUE 2.” If you missed it, I posted a clip here:


Jacob Larger is the Member Services Coordinator for the NFIB and a total political hack. His only “tenure” with public employment was as a “Legal Intern at Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel” according to his LinkedIn profile seen here:

(Update) *CONFIRMED* Mr. Larger confirms that it was he that appeared on ABC6, but claims that they misquoted him....

Guess what?  That "government worker" is not a government worker.  Jacob Larger, a former member of the College Republicans at Ohio State, and current law student at  Capital, worked for a short time as a college intern but is not now a state employee.  His political affiliations, as listed at his Facebook page, include a long list of Republicans, Tea Party groups, and GOP candidates (Ohio Victory, Larger4Ohio, Central Ohio Tea Party Patriots, Columbus Tea Party, NFIB Ohio, Eric Deaton for US Senate,......Turnaround Ted, Let Freedom Ring USA, Spirit Splash, Bill Behrendt, Republican Governors Association, John R. Kasich, Bob Gibbs for Congress, CatholicVote, Ohio House GOP, Defeat Obama 2012, Building a Better Ohio,......etc.).

These fake supporters of SB 5 go along with other attempts by Gov. Kasich and his Republican cohorts.  They want to make it appear that some public employees support them. Here are some of their failures:

(1) Gov. Kasich/Republicans and supporting groups have used a fake cop in a mailer (see Plunderbund).  

(2) In a TV ad, they have probably one of a few teachers in Ohio that supports Republicans, Kyle Farmer, saying he supports SB 5.  Did you know that Kyle Farmer is the Chairman of the Fairfield County Republican Party (see Fairfield GOP leadership page)???  Did you also know that Kyle Farmer's father, Joseph L. Farmer, was appointed by Gov. Kasich to the State School Board?  How convenient!

(3) Now, we have the fake government worker that appeared on WSYX. What will they come up with next?

Of course, there might be a few public employees that support Mr. Kasich attacks on firefighters, police, teachers, nurses, and state workers, but chances are there are not many. Gov. Kasich, the Ohio GOP, and their supporting right wing special interest groups are just carrying out the plans of the Koch Brothers to eliminate public workers, public schools, and regulations.

Please Vote NO on Issue 2.  We cannot allow the Republicans and their corporate overlords  to destroy our communities and our schools. Send a message to Kasich and the Republicans.

Vote NO on Issues 1, 2, and 3.