Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vote Now....

If you can, apply for an absentee ballot through your local board of elections website. You can download an application for an absentee ballot, mail it, and get your ballot through the mail.  Don't delay.  With the Republicans in charge of voting in the state, we don't want people to have to experience the problems of 2004 again.

As we get closer to election day, November 8th, the governor and the Republicans are creating bigger, and bigger lies.  They say they respect public workers, teachers, police and firefighters, but we know better.  Besides, how can we ever forget the governor referring to a police officer as an "idiot" for doing his job?

Here is a little something said by the Chair of the Hamilton County Republican Party.

...Local republicans, such as Chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party Alex Triantafilou, agree. Triantafilou said supporters of SB5 do want first responders and public workers to keep their jobs, but someone needs to hold them accountable......

....Another point of debate? Public employees paying for health care costs and pensions. SB5 would force all public employees to pay at least 15-percent of their health care benefits and 10-percent towards pensions. Gov. Kasich has said that change is necessary since unions do not want to contribute anything. 

Cincinnati Firefighter Doug Stern said that's a lie.

"We didn't come to the table and say we didn't want to pay our pensions," said Stern. "We aren't negotiating things that aren't good for our cities."

Mr. Triantafilou needs to understand something.  Firefighters, police, teachers, nurses, and public employees did not start this.  These attacks on the middle class were started by Gov. Kasich, the Republicans, and their right wing rich backers.  While Kasich and the GOP take away collective bargaining, worker's rights, and benefits from public employees, the Governor and his staff make more money than the previous governor, Ted Strickland.  The members of the State House and Senate have refused to cut their own pay and recently gave raises to their staff members.
Mr. Triantafilou talks about holding public workers accountable????  State workers took furlough days up to three weeks to help the state.  Teachers, firefighters, police, and others have had their wages frozen in many communities and have sacrificed a lot to help their cities and counties.  

As WeAreOhio states on their website:
...TRUTH: All public employees are ALREADY REQUIRED BY LAW to pay 10% of their pension, and all state and county workers already pay 15% or more for their health care. In fact, Ohio’s teachers, nurses, firefighters and other public employees have already made great sacrifices, saving Ohio taxpayers $350 million dollars to help fix the budget crisis.

....TRUTH: Ohio is 44th of 50 states in per capita spending on government workers. State employees have taken a pay freeze five times in 9 years. In the last contract, state employees voluntarily took furloughs and made other financial sacrifices that saved $250 million and an additional $100 million in health care costs......

Is it okay for the governor to give away hundreds of millions of dollars to corporations that are just moving across town?  Is it right for elected officials to call for "shared sacrifice" but then not include themselves?  

Stand together.  Vote NO on Issue 2.

Vote NO on Issue 1. 
Vote NO on Issue 2.
Vote NO on Issue 3.

By the way, remind your friends, family members, neighbors, and church members that you need them to Vote NO on Issue 2.