Friday, October 28, 2011

Republicans: Little Effort

* While you are out busting your behind to put food on the table, let it be known that the Republican leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives has published their "work(?)" schedule for 2012.  If you think that the Republicans haven't helped you in 2011, you can count on even less effort from them.  DailyKos has the GOP work schedule for 2012 and a comparison that shows that working Americans will have 258 workdays but the Republican controlled House of Representative has scheduled 109 days of work. 
Here is the math: 
your work days 258 > 109 work days in Republican controlled U.S. House

What do Republican House members have against work?
House GOP work calendar


* I guess the way to get an unbid contract with the state is to have some ties with the Republican Party   The State of Ohio Controlling Board granted an unbid contract 
to McDonald Hopkins for $891,000 this week due to the request of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.  What is the big deal? A news release from McDonald Hopkins reveals the ties:

Cleveland, Ohio (March 9, 2011) – Matthew R. Cox has joined the Government Affairs Practice as Of Counsel at McDonald Hopkins LLC, a business advisory and advocacy law firm. He is based in the firm’s Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio offices. With an extensive background in state government and politics, Cox advises business clients, public entities and nonprofits on a wide range of governmental matters, including issue lobbying, project management and economic development incentives. Before joining McDonald Hopkins, Cox was an attorney and registered lobbyist at the Tucker, Ellis & West law firm. 
    In the government arena, Cox served as Senior Deputy Attorney General with the Office of Attorney General Jim Petro, as well as a position with the Ohio Auditor of State. In 2010, he managed the successful State Issue 1 campaign, which renewed and extended the Ohio Third Frontier program through 2014. In politics, Cox has managed county and state campaigns and has served in significant roles in major campaigns since 1996.....

How convenient that an unbid contract goes to a company that has someone with ties to the Ohio GOP!  If you'd like to explore this week's controlling board actions, visit here.