Friday, September 30, 2011

Know the Facts

*  Republican Josh Mandel can't decide if it is a good idea to bring 4,000 new jobs to Ohio.  I guess we'll find out what he thinks after someone tells him where Piketon is located.  Could it be that Mandel has been soooooooo busy making speeches about right wing ideology, supporting Paul Ryan's plan to destroy Social Security, and flying out of state to raise money for his campaign, that he has failed to notice Ohio's unemployment rate????

Republican Josh Mandel, who still hasn't filed his required financial disclosure with the U.S. Senate (over 128 days late!), is making up stuff----again. (Those of us that remember the lies and smears his campaign made against his Democratic opponent in the last election are not surprised.)

PolitiFact has rated Josh Mandel's latest statement about Sen. Sherrod Brown as FALSE.


* Here is something you may not know:

Speaker Batchelder is, according to ProgressOhio,

The Ohio Legislature's Largest 'Double Dipper'

....Speaker Batchelder has collected over $500,000 in pension payments from Ohio Public Employee Retirement System (OPERS) all while collecting hundreds of thousands in legislative salary during the last five years.
For this year Batchelder is set to collect a legislative salary of $94,437, made up of the base $60,584 salary for House members and $33,853 bonus for serving as Speaker of the House.
His legislative salaries for 2007- 2011 are listed below:
2100 - $94,437
2010 - $86,164
2009 - $85,025
2008 - $60,981
2007 - $66,271
Total    $392,878...

Even though the Republicans railed against 'double dippers' this year, it looks like their own leader is the biggest  'double dipper' in the state.

* * * *

*  The Ohio Republicans and their corporate sponsors of SB 5 have found a few teachers that are for SB 5 ????? I'm underwhelmed.  The pro-SB 5 people have located possibly up to a dozen teachers in Ohio that-

 (1) like John Kasich,
 (2) like Republicans and their right wing agenda that continues to destroy rights instead of bringing jobs to Ohio,
 (3) are willing to give up collective bargaining rights concerning working conditions, class sizes, and pay raises,
 (4) are willing to teach up to 50 students in a classroom,
 (5) want favoritism instead of experience and education to guide which teachers stay in the classroom,
 (6) are for the consolidation of school districts and the demise of local control,
 (7) support the Koch brothers and others that want to destroy public schools.

As I said, I'm underwhelmed.  Most teachers in Ohio are tired of the payback, and bullying  being orchestrated by Kasich and the Republicans.  Do you remember the comments made by John Kasich immediately after the election?


....Kasich also answered questions about education, saying he needed to have a serious conversation with educators about unfunded mandates. Kasich is strongly against Governor Ted Strickland's evidence based model of education, saying there are no funds to enforce it.
"We are going to get dollars into the classroom, and push shared services, and make sure there's no excuse for multiple school districts not being able to share administrators. There's too many things going on out there that are not business like," said Kasich.
Kasich also had a direct message for the teacher's union, who blasted him during the campaign for his stance on the merit pay and holding teachers accountable.

"I am waiting for the teachers union to take out full page ads in all of the newspapers apologizing for what they had to say about me during this campaign," said Kasich.....

Kasich was unable to handle the truth and has since gone on a campaign of revenge.  Those  teachers that previously voted for Kasich and the Republicans have turned their backs on the governor and his party.  Oh. If you are still waiting for that apology ad Kasich demanded, you better not hold your breath. 

Vote NO on Issue 2.

Vote NO on Issue 3.