Thursday, October 13, 2011

Prime Examples of Kasich's Failures

*  Here is an something that will definitely hurt Ohio's unemployed....layoffs at a jobs and family services office.

Fifty employees at Butler County Job and Family Services – including 26 caseworkers – will be let go in a mass layoff at the agency to close a $3 million gap in state and federal funding.

The announcement that more than one-third of the staff will lose their jobs and the agency will close its Middletown office was made official at Thursday’s county commission meeting as JFS Director Jerome Kearns detailed his decision and said he will have to dip into the agency’s non-union staff to trim another $400,000 from the budget.....

....The union has worked with agency leaders over the past couple years to help save jobs by agreeing to a pay freeze and to cut hours from 40 to 38, she said.....

This will cause longer waits for the unemployed and those that need help. While corporations get millions in handouts from Gov. Kasich, those with jobs that help people out of work are losing their jobs.  If Kasich would not have overpaid his staff, or not given millions of dollars to Bob Evans to move twenty minutes away, perhaps these and other jobs could have been saved.

Unfortunately, there are more layoffs in Ohio, and this time it is at a place that knows Kasich very well---Invacare.


Home health equipment maker Invacare (NYSE:IVC) is laying off about 50 workers worldwide, citing a difficult economy and declining reimbursements to its customers.

The layoffs are primarily hitting office workers and affect less than 1 percent of the Elyria, Ohio-based company’s 6,200 global workers, spokeswoman Lara Mahoney said.....

......About 30 of the layoffs will come from Invacare’s Northeast Ohio home base. The company is offering severance and outplacement services for laid-off employees, Mahoney said.....

Wait!  I'm not finished.  Then there is word of more layoffs in northeastern Ohio.


U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) held a town hall meeting in Cleveland yesterday to discuss Cleveland-based MetroHealth's plans to cut 450 jobs due to uncertain finances and high charity care costs, according to a Plain Dealer report......

What was it that Gov. Kasich said in that TV ad in which he stands on those two roads???????  The Examiner has the exact quote:  "We're...keeping and creating jobs in our state......."


Vote NO on Issue 2.  Stop the Kasich bus from destroying even more jobs, families, and communities.