Thursday, October 06, 2011

You Can't Hide

*  Do you know the teacher that has appeared in those pro-Kasich SB 5 ads?  WeAreOhio has a very interesting video about him:


Are you telling me that the only teacher that Kasich and the Republicans could find was Mr. Farmer who just happens to be a Republican political operative and chairman of the Fairfield County GOP ?  I guess that goes along with the other pro-SB5 ads that have an actor portraying a police officer.

Vote NO on Issue 2.

We cannot allow the right wing Republican agenda to attack our teachers, fire fighters, police, and nurses, and put our communities at risk.  Stop Kasich. Stop the Koch Brothers agenda. Vote NO.

*  Republican Rep. Steve Stivers (OH-15th) has been doing a great job at collecting money from polluters.  The website, Dirtysecrets, has some details on the kind of campaign money that Stivers has received from major polluters:  $341,599.  I guess we can conclude that Stivers doesn't care that much about the health and welfare of human beings.  Then again, this is not surprising. Businessweek noted this about the Steve Stivers campaign in 2010: 

....His biggest source of campaign donations came from employees of American Electric Power Co., based in Columbus, Ohio, who gave $46,700.