Friday, October 14, 2011

Do you really need another reason to vote NO on Issue 2?

*  Update:  Finally, some good news.
The state Supreme Court has ruled that the GOP-backed law that would set new U.S. House districts in Ohio can be put before voters.
The court issued the ruling on Friday evening and ordered Secretary of State Jon Husted to accept signatures from Democrats working to get a repeal issue on the 2012 ballot.....

This goes out to all of Ohio's firefighters, police officers, teachers, nurses, and public employees. Most Ohioans appreciate you and care about your safety.  However, there are a few people that don't feel the same, and we know their names.

If you look at the journals from the Ohio 129th General Assembly, only 91 days of sessions are recorded in the journals for the Ohio House.  The Ohio Senate has a few more days of recorded journals.  According to the schedules put out for the Ohio Senate and House for November and December 2011, only 12 total days are scheduled.  Despite Rep. Louis Blessing's claims, it doesn't really look like the Republican elected officials in the General Assembly are working that hard. 

The following video was put up by ProgressOhio:  (You may want share this with your family, friends, and neighbors.)
 ProgressOhio and YouTube

Shame on Rep. Blessing. Shame.

If you'd like to share your opinion with Rep. Louis W. Blessing, you may visit his contact page here.

Vote NO on Issue 2.