Thursday, October 06, 2011

News to Use.....

Ohio voters are starting to question what Gov. Kasich and the Republicans are talking about when they mention "shared sacrifice" in the push for SB 5. The only people Kasich and the GOP want to sacrifice are teachers, police officers, fire fighters, nurses, and public employees. In the budget cuts Gov. Kasich made, school children, the elderly, college students, the middle class, and the poor have had to make sacrifices.  However, the Governor has given away over $100 million in tax breaks to corporations and his staff members are receiving salaries much, much higher that their predecessors.  According to ONN, ".....average salary of the governors executive staff is $110,000 thousand...."


...The part-time salary of the state lawmakers that voted in favor of Senate Bill 5 is nearly $68,000. Gov. John Kasich, who led the push for SB5, makes $150,000.....

...That compares to the average of $50,000 for teachers, firefighters, and police who are campaigning to keep their collective bargaining rights.

"People who are executives, perhaps deserve a little bit more. But what about that teacher who has put in 20 years?  What about the firefighter who rushes into buildings on fire. How can you say that's not a skill set that we as Ohioans need?" said Catherine Turcer of Ohio Citizen Action....

Those Ohio lawmakers refused to take a pay cut.  They work a few days per week, with often weeks spent in recess. The have other perks too, like payments for travel, money for committee membership, etc.

The Daily-Record has some import information about why SB 5 is terrible, and must be rejected. Joseph Hegedus, an attorney for the Ohio Patrolmen's Benevolent Association had this to say at a public meeting (DailyRecord):

"Collective bargaining helps both sides mutually resolve issues and foster communication ... for mutual goals," Hegedus said.

He also added that "barely 2" percent of public sector union contracts enter the conciliation process.

"Senate Bill 5 has nothing to do with balancing budgets ... it's about power, politics, and payback," Hegedus said....

Hegedus hit the nail on the head. Vote NO on Issue 2.

***  Republican Josh Mandel still has not filed his personal financial disclosure which was due in mid May.  Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.  Why does he continue to refuse to file?

>> Did you know that Republican Rep. Bob Latta supports dirtying up our water by supporting major polluters?


Robert E. Latta: supports increasing pollution from: cement kilns, power plants, industrial boilers...... Latta has accepted $101,250 from major polluters.....

Wow! Latta just doesn't seem to care about what kind of water children drink.