Monday, October 03, 2011


*  Some people in the state are having issues with information that Gov. John Kasich is telling his supporters about SB 5 (AKA Issue 2).  In the Toledo Blade, Mr. Donato Iorio, a lawyer that represents the Toledo Patrolman's Association, had this to say about Kasich's comments:

..."It's a complete lie that Issue 2 is just to shift health-care and pension costs," said Donato Iorio, a lawyer who represents the TPPA in the group's negotiations with the city of Toledo....

"If this was nothing more than about 10 or 15 percent, why wouldn't Issue 2 stop there? It's not about that," Mr. Iorio said. "That's not the issue. They want to bust unions. They want to blame unions for the fact that the housing market blew, creating a recession, and now they're trying to shift the cost and make public employees at fault."

Lending support to Mr. Iorio's position is the State Employment Relations Board's "19th Annual Report on the Cost of Health Insurance in Ohio's Public Sector," available on the board's Web site....

The article then states that the State Employment Relations Board found that "...the average public employee pays 10.7 percent of his or her health insurance premium...."

Seriously, folks, how can anyone trust anything that Kasich says?  Isn't he the person that helped Lehman Brothers get to the various public employee retirement funds?  Didn't he continue to make contacts with the heads of the retirement funds even when the company insiders knew what was going on in Lehman?(source)  It is no wonder that when Lehman Brothers collapsed, the state retirement funds lost hundreds of millions of dollars.  While the retirement funds lost hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, John Kasich walked away from Lehman Brothers with a nice, fat, severance pay from Lehman. 

Which side do you trust?

Public School Teachers
Fire Fighters
Police Officers
Public Employees 


John Kasich
Ohio Republican Party
Koch Brothers
The Elitists

If you like having someone rule over you, deny your rights, and take away your voice, go with Kasich and his buddies.

However, I suggest that you stand with the people that have educated your children, saved your life, protected your family, helped nurse your loved ones, and worked for the stability and maintenance of your state. 

Vote NO on Issue 2.