Thursday, October 27, 2011


Update#2: Wow!  It is possible that all those phone calls made by Jack Hanna to the Governor's office have paid off today.

Gov. John Kasich's office has halted the release of six exotic animals captured from a Zanesville farm last week......

....The animal care experts at the Columbus Zoo have been caring for the three leopards, two Celebes macaques and a young grizzly bear since rescuing them after law enforcement personnel were forced to shoot 49 other animals that had been released by Terry Thompson and were a threat to public safety.....

......"You know, if the attorneys want to take me to jail -- whatever they want to do to me they can do because I'm not going to allow the animals, and I hope the zoo -- I'm talking to the zoo right now. I've talked to the governor's office. You know, they might be her animals, but they're not going back in those conditions. Of course, if I'm overruled by everybody then it's fine but my stance is they don't go back to where they came from," Hanna said....

Thanks, Jack Hanna, for protecting the animals from going back to that farm.

Update:  Gov. John Kasich's weak executive order will not stop Marian Thompson from claiming the remaining exotic animals that were take to the Columbus Zoo after Terry Thompson let his wild animal outside his farm.  Mrs. Thompson, the widow of the man from Zanesville, Ohio, that released the exotic animals and caused a national outcry, is headed to the Columbus Zoo to take the animals home.  See CNN.

>  No matter what kind of message Gov. John Kasich puts out about his "success" in bringing and saving jobs in Ohio, you just need to look at the reality. A quick glance at the warn notices at the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, reveals the truth: the layoff are still occurring, even this week.
ODJFS has posted new layoffs at:

Management & Training Corp. and MTC Medical (MTC) in Conneaut and Grafton, Ohio, will layoff 446 people.
Mohawk Fine Papers Inc. in Hamilton, Ohio, will layoff 137 people.

Despite the rhetoric, the job losses are piling up under Kasich.

* Taxpayers are concerned about the Ohio GOP's plan to have two primaries next spring.
Athens News:

A Republican plan for Ohio to hold two primaries next year has raised some concerns about costs here in Athens County but also confidence that the task can be pulled off if that's the final plan.

The double primary – one for presidential and congressional candidates, and the other for all other candidates – was created by GOP state legislators and signed by Gov. John Kasich Friday night. The impetus for the plan was a ruling by the Republican-controlled Ohio Supreme Court giving Democrats the opportunity to petition for the recently drawn redistricting maps to be put to Ohio voters on next year's November ballot.

....The extra primary is expected to cost Ohio $15 million.....

That $15 million could be used to help schools, the elderly, or update safety equipment for first responders. If the Ohio budget is so tight, where are the Republicans able to get this money?