Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kasich didn't "anticipate"

Ohioans heard this earlier this week from Gov. John Kasich:

That explains a lot about Kasich, especially this week's developments regarding the exotic wild animals.

Marian Thompson is weighing her options when it comes to her six animals being kept at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, her attorney said.

Marian, who is the widow of Terry Thompson, informed the zoo through her attorneys Thursday she intended to retrieve the animals. When she arrived at the zoo Thursday, she learned the Ohio Department of Agriculture had issued a quarantine order that prevented her from taking them......

...Gov. John Kasich's spokesman Rob Nichols said Thursday the order wasn't given sooner because no one anticipated Marian hiring counsel to fight for custody....

What does he mean by " one anticipated..."?  Mrs. Thompson had a legal right to try to get the animals, even though we all hoped she wouldn't.  The fact that Nichols said his boss did not anticipate Mrs. Thompson's actions confirms many people's views that our governor is not forward-thinking or able to prepare for other outcomes. Is it possible that Kasich simply didn't care to prepare?

Is is possible that John Kasich did not "anticipate" that ---

- the federal government would prevent the use of federal money to subsidize a plan to sell off the Ohio Turnpike to a private owner?

- teachers, firefighters, police officers, nurses, public workers, and veterans would stand up for their rights, families, and communities? Did he not anticipate that citizens would fight to keep fire/police protection, high quality teachers, etc.?

- that few private prison owners would meet the real worth of Ohio's prisons in bids?

If Kasich and the Republicans didn't "anticipate" an alternate outcome in this case, what other areas of our state do not have contingency/emergency plans?