Saturday, October 28, 2006

Why does Pryce continue to support a failed Iraq policy?

With so many of our young men and women being killed in Iraq, we need to start asking some very serious questions of Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce (OH-15). Why does she continue to support a failed Iraq policy? How many more years does she expect that our military will remain in Iraq? Does she think that a diplomatic solution can be used to end the war?

Does Pryce fully support Dennis Hastert? Exactly when did she find out about the page scandal? Did anyone in her office know about it before her? Has she directly asked any of her pages if they had any problems with Foley or any other Republican members of Congress?

How many Ohioans have died in Iraq (125)? How many from her district? How many military funerals has she attended?

All Pryce wants to do right now is sling false charges against her Democratic opponent, Mary Jo Kilroy. Pryce needs to explain her support for the Iraq war and why her district has lost jobs. If she can't give a good explanation, she needs to lose the election.

By the way, the stupid new ad that Pryce has out now accuses Kilroy of not wanting to stop terrorist phone calls???? The law, as it stands, says that the government can get a search warrant up to 72 hours after they've started the surveillance. Why doesn't Pryce want our country to follow the law? I thought she was a lawyer. Doesn't she have any respect for the laws?