Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Who Speaks for You?

The Dispatch is reporting that the Democrats and the Republicans have well-known celebrities visiting Ohio to stump for their respective candidates. The Democrats invited actor, Michael J. Fox, and the GOP had Rudy Giuliani speaking for them. Michael J. Fox is a respected actor, and a spokesman for stem cill research. Giuliani, on the other hand, is a former mayor and a thrice married, twice divorced, well-known adulterer---- and that is not just my opinion.

Recent polls continue to show a tight race between Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy and Republican (and best friend of Mark Foley) Deborah Pryce. In the coming days the Republicans will continue to discourage Democratic voters, but we must get out there and vote a straight Democratic tickets. Why? It is the only way to show the GOP that we are sick and tired of all the scandals and we want change.

On yesterday's Ed Schultz Show, Ed reported that Republican Mike DeWine owns $1.47 million of oil stock. Is that why DeWine has supported the oil corporations in 7 out of 10 votes? Just asking.