Tuesday, October 24, 2006

This is the Time for Change

I almost fell off my chair laughing because Tony Snow, Presidential Spokesliar, said the Bush never used the phrase "stay the course." Then this morning, The Young Turks of Air America Radio, played audio of Bush repeatedly saying "stay the course."

We've had 125 Ohioans killed in Iraq. Ohio has lost over 200,000 jobs since Bush took office. Our Republican House and Senate elected officials do their best to pass legislation especially written for and sometimes by their political contributors like oil conglomerates, Halliburton, drug companies, and others.

Despite Republican Deborah Pryce saying that Ohio is on the "cusp" of some economic recovery, we haven't seen it. Have you tried to get a job recently? Has your college-educated son/daughter tried to find a job in Ohio? Also, this morning, I'm a little upset that executives from Scott's Miracle Grow are providing contributions to Pryce because she is pro-business. (I may decide to boycott the company.)

Ohio's scandal-filled Republican-controlled government has robbed Ohioans of tax money, honesty, fairness, and trust. This is the time for change. We've got to change which people we send to Washington and the state government and we must do it this election.