Thursday, October 12, 2006

Live from Columbus--Kilroy vs. Pryce Debate

Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce debated her Democratic rival, Mary Jo Kilroy, at WOSU-TV this evening.

Here are my observations:
Kilroy was calm. However, Pryce seemed to be angry at times and under great stress. At time she appeared to be yelling. Her neck was red throughout the hour.

Here are some of the things that were said by the candidates.....

Kilroy said...
...Congress follows instead of leads...
...we need a plan to bring the war to a conclusion...
....Pryce is in a state of denial about Iraq.
....that job loss in Ohio is a critical issue and healthcare needs to be put on the congressional agenda.
....bankruptcies are up and minimum wage workers haven't had a raise in ten years
...congress needs a new voice independent of the lobbyists
...Pryce has been a right wing apologist, does not advance a moderate agenda, and her PAC gives to right wingers
....Pryce got a 0% from the Children's Defense Fund, and was put on the environmental "Dirty Dozen"
....the Republicans in Congress have a "see no evil" view when something goes wrong

Pryce said...
...used the Republican talking point "....fight them over there...."
...defended former Democrat, Lieberman....
...that Iraqis are happy with their freedoms (yes, she said it)
...blamed George Soros
...Ohio is on the cusp of a wonderful recovery.....this is a textbook economy
...she supports drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge

On Olbermann tonight, Rev. Barry Lynn, author of Piety & Politics talked about how Karl Rove called the religious right "nuts."

From Real Clear Politics Blog:
On Tuesday, SurveyUSA released polls in Tennessee and Kentucky that showed post-Foley movement toward Republicans. Tonight they have released polls in Missouri and Ohio that show movement toward Democrats. Ohio's Senate poll moved four points toward Sherrod Brown and now has him with a 14-point lead over Mike DeWine, considerably higher than the RCP Average that has Brown ahead 5.7%. In Missouri, SurveyUSA shows an 8-point move toward Democrat Claire McCaskill giving her a 51% to 42% lead, - again, considerably higher than the RCP Average which stands at McCaskill +1.8%....

That is good news!