Saturday, October 28, 2006

Democrat Jim Webb Knows How to Solve Iraq

The Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate for Virginia, Jim Webb, knows a thing or two about the military. As a decorated Viet Nam vet, and a former Navy secretary under President Reagan, Webb knows why the Bush administration has failed in Iraq. Webb also offers a solution. (Yahoo News)

...The former Republican, who was President Reagan's Navy secretary, said in the Democrats' weekly radio address that Bush's "incompetence" in Iraq had undercut the fight against terrorism...

"Since 2003, President Bush has laid out nine different plans for victory in Iraq, none of them serious and none of them workable. And most seriously, this incompetence has hindered our ability to fight internation
al terror," Webb said.

It marked the second time since July 1 that Webb, a decorated Vietnam combat veteran, has given the Democrats' address. Both times, his focus has been Iraq.

Webb warned in a newspaper column in 2002, the year before Bush ordered the Iraq invasion, that a war there would destabilize the oil-rich Middle East and mire U.S. forces in a bloody and protracted conflict. As of Friday, 2,810 American troops had died in Iraq....

"A Democratic Congress will demand from day one that the president find a real way forward in Iraq. We'll work with the administration and other Republicans to develop a concrete plan, but none of us are ready to settle for empty rhetoric, or the same old unacceptable results," Webb said....

Webb makes a lot of sense. Either we continue to lose 100/or more of our troops per month in Iraq for the next several years or decade, or we work to get something done now to end the bloodshed. The Republicans will continue the same old rubber stamp of the Bush policies. The GOP won't provide debate, oversight, or suggestions.

I hope that the voters in Virginia choose Webb. He could be the key to finding a solution in Iraq.