Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Republican Family Values

On Saturday in Washington, DC, Republican power brokers met to try to minimize the fallout from the Mark Foley page sex scandal. As a constituent of Ohio's 15th district, I want to know if our Republican Representative, Deborah Pryce, was part of that meeting. If she was there, did she discuss how to get help for the congressional pages who were bothered by Foley? If she was there, did she immediately call the local child protective agency to notify them of Foley's predatory behavior?

On the other hand, if she wasn't there, was she called, e-mailed, or faxed the minutes of the meeting? Was she given talking points on what to say regarding Foley's behavior? Did she ask about the welfare of the pages?

Either way, as a leader of this Republican controlled House of Representatives, Pryce is responsible for what happened after she was notified. Did she telephone the local child protective agency, the police, or the FBI to report Foley's behavior with the pages? Teachers, physicians, and others are required by law to notify local children's protective agencies if they suspect child abuse. Unfortunately, our elected officials must not be following similar rules of common decency.

Republicans are always talking about their family values. One important family value is protecting our children. The Republicans have failed miserably in protecting our kids.


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