Thursday, October 05, 2006

Republican Leadership Scandal

Mark Foley is a Republican (despite what Faux News says).

Just in from USA Today:
....The campaign website for Mary Jo Kilroy, a Democrat challenging Rep. Deborah Pryce, R-Ohio, notes that Pryce recently said that Foley was "one of her five friends in Washington" and this year gave her "more money than ANY other House Republican." Pryce, a member of the House GOP leadership, has said she'll return the donations....

From Hypothetically Speaking:
According to last month's Columbus Monthly interview of Deb Pryce, she and Foley were more than just congressional colleagues [emphasis added]:
When Congress is in session, she lives by herself in an apartment on Pennsylvania Avenue. Pryce counts among her friends fellow represenatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mark Foley of Florida, Eric Cantor of Virginia, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia and Dave Camp of Michigan. All are Republicans......

Republican Mark Foley's scandal has revealed something about how the Republican controlled House of Representatives works. Foley was protected by the Republican leadership. He brought in money, voted the Republican way, and supported other Republicans. Hastert, Blunt, Reynolds, Boehner, Pryce, and others, tolerated his behavior because it allowed them to keep their power.

Don't believe all the Republican outrage now. The behavior of the GOP has been obscene not only regarding Foley, but also the way the Republican party has acted in other matters: not voting for body armor, supporting tax cuts for the rich, cutting funding for schools, cutting veterans benefits, giving tax cuts to oil companies, getting huge political contributions from drug companies as they were designing the Medicare drug plan, no oversight in the war, etc., etc.

The American people have a chance to do some early spring cleaning this election. We should take this opportunity and vote out the Republican leadership and other GOP members who have forgotten that they represent people, not corporations.

By the way, ABC News said their source for the Foley story was a Republican. Despite what the GOP spin machine has said, all of the information has been provided by Republicans.

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