Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just a Reminder....

I just want to remind you why we cannot afford to have Deborah Pryce re-elected.

Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce voted against

.....raising the minimum wage 7 times.
.....expanding the military's Tricare health insurance to cover all Reservists and National Guard members.
.....a $30 million increase for veterans' health care that would have provided more funding for combat-related trauma care for the wounded.
.....providing job-training assistance to troops returning from overseas.
.....increased port security that would have provided inspection for every container that comes into this country.

Pryce has voted with Bush 88% of the time and co-authored the book on the Social Security Privatization Plan with Rick Santorum.
Deborah Pryce took $103,000 from the energy/oil industry and consistently rubber-stamped the Bush-Cheney big oil/energy policies.
Pryce voted for her own pay raises, while voting down a bonus for our military. (Pryce could have returned the raise! Ted Strickland did.)
Pryce has failed to deliver jobs to her district, and Ohio's 15th district has actually lost jobs.
Deborah Pryce called disgraced Republican Rep. Mark Foley her best friend.
Pryce continues to support Bush's failed Iraq policy while our young people are killed and maimed in the war.

We need change and it must start in Ohio and in our district. When you go to vote next Tuesday, be sure to bring your identification, and vote a straight Democratic ticket.