Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pryce and GOP Do NOT Support the Troops

To show support for our American service members, you must do more than say, "I support the troops." Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce (OH-15) and a majority of the Republicans have not delivered on promises to help our troops. The only thing that Pryce and the GOP have done is support a war based on lies in which other people's kids are getting killed.

Americans For Shared Sacrifice have compiled the list of Republicans and Democrats and how much they really support the troops. The numbers are surprising. This is the percentage of how each of the following Ohio Republicans voted for legislation to support our troops:

Steve Chabot 25%
Michael Turner 25%
Michael Oxley 13%
Paul Gillmor 25%
David Hobson 25%
John Boehner 25%
Pat Tiberi 25%
Steve LaTourette 25%
Deborah Pryce 13% (Pryce voted to support our troops only 13% of the time!)
Ralph Regula 25%
Bob Ney 25%
They should all be ashamed of themselves. I don't think any of them deserve to be re-elected.

(Ohio Democrats did show support for our troops: (Strickland 75%, Kaptur 100%, Kucinich 88%, Tubbs Jones 88%, Sherrod Brown 100%, Ryan 100%)

Our Ohio U.S. Senators, DeWine and Voinovich who are both Republicans also had poor ratings:
DeWine 56%, Voinovich 38%

Here is a story from several months ago but there is something about it that still bothers me today. The story is from the Ironton Tribune and I've provided some important excerpts:

Late was most certainly better than never for one World War II veteran who was honored Tuesday by Fran DeWine, the visiting wife of U.S. Senator Mike DeWine.

Retired Cpl. Kohn Whitley got a bevy of medals during the brief ceremony in the auditor’s office of the Lawrence County Courthouse. In addition to his American Campaign medal and commendations for working with tanks and being a carbine gunner, Whitley received the Soldier’s Medal and the Silver Star, the third highest military honor available....

...“It’s just my pleasure to give them to him,” (MRS.) DeWine said. “It’s just so important that we take care of our veterans and recognize them, whether it’s our veterans from World War II or our men and women coming back from Iraq. We’ve got to.”

To that end, (MRS.) DeWine touted some of the work that her husband has done for veterans while serving for 12 years in the senate....

Do you mean that Mike DeWine was too busy to schedule the ceremony for a time when HE would be back in Ohio? His wife gave the veteran the medals?????? What is her official position within the government? Do you think she knows that her husband, Sen. Mike DeWine, only voted 56% of the time to support Veterans? Seriously, this presentation of medals could have been done by DeWine or a member of the U.S. military. Mrs. DeWine was NOT an appropriate presenter and I think it insults this veteran and all vets.