Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pryce's Internal Polls Show She is Losing Support

UPDATE: The Kilroy (D) - Pryce (R) debate will be live tonight at 7pm: WOSU-TV, WOSU 820, and online at

The New York Times has this article about how the Foley case has been a drag on Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce's (OH-15) campaign. Here are some excerpts. I have highlight important points:

Representative Deborah Pryce is a former municipal court judge, a Republican and a member of the House leadership who has represented her central Ohio district for 14 years. She is also friends with Mark Foley, the congressman who resigned in the page scandal, as she told Columbus Monthly for a feature it published just last month.

Ms. Pryce always thought she would have a difficult re-election campaign this year in a state raked by Republican scandals. But since Mr. Foley quit, she said in an interview on a tense day of campaigning here, her own internal polls have measured a steady drop in support under the weight of attacks by Mary Jo Kilroy, her Democratic opponent...

In an interview on Wednesday, Ms. Kilroy questioned whether Ms. Pryce had had any warning about Mr. Foley’s conduct, and why Ms. Pryce, the No. 4 Republican in the House, had not called for the resignation of Representative J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois as speaker.

“When you have a member of Congress abusing his authority and his position with pages, and you have leaders of Congress looking the other way — protecting their majority instead of protecting the pages — people here saw that and said, that’s the final straw,” Ms. Kilroy said. “She’s in leadership. And I don’t understand why she is not calling on those leaders who didn’t act to step down.”

“What did she know?” Ms. Kilroy said, sitting in her campaign headquarters Wednesday during a break in preparation for a debate here Thursday night. “What did she do about it?”

Read the entire article and you'll come to the same conclusion I have----Mary Jo Kilroy is running one tough campaign.