Friday, October 27, 2006

A New Direction: Mary Jo Kilroy

I recently had the honor of meeting Mary Jo Kilroy, the Democratic candidate for Ohio's 15th district. She was very respectful of everyone in our group and very willing to listen to all our concerns. With her experience as a Franklin County Commissioner, she knows how to work with people of various opinions and find solutions. Here in central Ohio, we have a rare opportunity to change the leadership and focus of our country. By voting for Kilroy, we can renew our hopes for a better tomorrow.

The Republicans in Ohio and in other states are in deep, deep trouble. This excerpt from the Dallas News says it all:

...Karen Tumulty finds more discouraging news for the GOP in Ohio, where the 15th District House race offers "no better indicator of whether this congressional election will follow the midterm norm in which voters make their decision based on their loyalties to their individual member of Congress, or whether they will be swept up by a national wave that could wash out the same Republican majority that came in on the last one in 1994."

The Time columnist reports that once-popular GOP Rep. Deborah Pryce is now "in the political fight of her life" against her Democratic challenger, a county commissioner. "It seems every plague that has been visited on Republicans nationally has found its way into this bellwether district," Ms. Tumulty writes. "The latest is the Mark Foley scandal, which probably would not have had much impact in this district were it not for the misfortune of an interview that Ms. Pryce gave to Columbus Monthly magazine a month before the scandal broke. She was asked to name her best friends in Congress, and you-know-who made her top five."

This is the first time in years that Pryce has had a strong Democratic opponent. Vote to change our future and vote for Kilroy.