Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Key Words

There are key words that define things and people. Here is my list of Republicans
and the key words that define them:

Deborah Pryce: BFFF - Best Friend Forever of Foley's
Bob Ney: Golfing in Scotland with Abramoff
Tom Noe: Used state money in Coingate Scandal
Dennis Hastert: See No Evil
Tom DeLay: The Hammer
Jean Schmidt: Hates Marines
Duke Cunningham: The Dukester Scandal
Gov. Bob Taft: Ethics Scandals
John Bohner: Tobacco handouts on floor of Congress
Mike DeWhine: BBFF - Bush's Best Friend Forever
George Allen: Prejudiced
Mike Ferguson of NJ: Georgetown Co-ed
Tom Reynolds: Looked the Other Way
Rick Santorum: Disgusting
Don Sherwood: Choked Mistress
Kenneth Blackwell: Owns Diebold Stock
Curt Weldon: Lobbying Scandal
Bill O'Reilly: Falafel
Pat Tiberi: Yes Man for Bush

*Even though multiple scandals have rocked the Republican controlled Congress, GOP leaders have no plans to change anything if they continue to maintain the majority in the House.
The Hill: numerous interviews with The Hill in September, most Republicans expressed comfort with the party’s electoral standing and said there would be little need for reassessments or rehabilitation if they retained control of the House in the 110th Congress....

“I don’t see the need for changes. We rise and fall with the president in this environment,” said Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.), former chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee on the day before the Foley story broke. Davis said any significant loss would prompt an examination, but, “If we hold it together I don’t think you will see any change at all.”

Doesn't that make you just want to go up to a Republican member of Congress and say, "Wake up!"